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 My Team Nexus (Mixed teams)

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PostSubject: My Team Nexus (Mixed teams)   Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:57 am

So, basiclly my team is this:

Nickname: Megas
Holding: Life Orb
Moveset: Heat Wave, Earthquake, Brave Bird, Sky Uppercut
Nature: Quiet
About him: So yeah, my weakess in my team, but a very good predictor with a good Sp defence, attack too with wide vary range of moves to be ready for any types to kill.

Holding: Life Orb
Movesets: Confuse Ray, Surf, Ice Beam, Psychic
Nature: Naughty
About him: A very good staller for it's incredible speed to confuse tougher oponents first then soon start attacking it's enemies with ease.

Holding: Life Orb
Movesets: Bullet Punch, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Brick Break
Nature: Bold
About him: Same as smogon and other Sicozr uses, nothing much to know about him.

Holding: Life Orb
Movesets: Swords Dance, Outrage, Earthquake, Fire Fang
Nature: Brave
About him: Same as Garchomp users too except with the Fire Fang move to counter his most feared weakness, Ice Types.

Holding: Leftovers
Movesets: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Earthquake, Ice Fang
Nature: Naive
About him: My main powerhouse that leads my victory the most with wide variaty of moves, with the added Earthquake to finished off his most feared weakness, Electric type Pokemons.

Holding: Life Orb
Movesets: Ariel Ace, Night Slash, Ice Punch, Low Kick
Nature: Serious
About him: Feared for it's incredible speed and attack, while added Ariel Ace to take down his most feared weakness, fighting types and Low Kick for killing Rock and Steel type easily, Tyranitar for example.

So, this is all about my teams. I do welcome to share my strategies too with everyone who sees this. And please let me know how is my teams too. ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: My Team Nexus (Mixed teams)   Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:02 pm

umm dude, garchomp is uber, you cant use that on standard battles, other then that nice team
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PostSubject: Re: My Team Nexus (Mixed teams)   Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:29 pm

isnt Nexus like the name pf that new google phone the Nexus One? Anyway back to topic yeah garchomp is uber but that could work well for a Salamence maybe. idk why ppl hating on the mence. (would put a nice salamence avatar/smiley but we dont have one so ill put a Zard) charizard charizard charizard
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Posts : 146
Join date : 2009-12-30
Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: My Team Nexus (Mixed teams)   Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:42 pm

cause spriker mence sucks. he took the spotlight from my favorate dragon No . ever sence salmence first came evreyone forgot abbout poor dragonite

dragonite > salamence
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PostSubject: Re: My Team Nexus (Mixed teams)   

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My Team Nexus (Mixed teams)
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