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 A guide to the wonderful world of NU

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PostSubject: A guide to the wonderful world of NU   Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:17 am

The NU tier is one of the forgotten metagames in the pokemon world. OU, UU, Little Cup, Uber and even sometimes NFE all get more attention than NU.

Some simply mix it in with UU and consider them "the same." Some simply disregard it entirely all together saying it is filled with weak and terrible pokemon.

But the NU tier has its own group of threats. It has legends. It has starters. it has NFE's. It has old favorites like Charizard, Raichu, Articuno and new pokemon like Bibarel and Gastrodon. Its a tier where one game you could be swept by SD QF Urasing, CS Medicham, or NP Persion. And then the next you could be walled by Vileplume, Lickylicky, or Probobass. Anything and everything can happen in the Never Used Tier!

First some quick facts about NU before we delve into some of the great pokes in the tier.

The Ban List

Other than pokes in the uber, bl, ou, and uu tier, their is no ban list in NU. There is no specifically banned NU pokemon. There has been discussion as more and more UU pokes drop down, but since smogon ignores the tier at the moment, everything goes!

Are Their Legends in the NU Tier?

YES! There are many legends available in this tier. They include 1st generation bird Articuno. It has one of the legendary dogs in Entei. It also has one of the regibros and the master of the regi's: Regice and Regigigas.

Are NFE's actually viable in the NU Tier?

YES! Many NFE's can be used and used effectively. This will be covered more in-depth later, but gligar, monferno, haunter, kadabra, rhydon, dusclops, magnezone, and golbat are just a few that you will see in the tier.

Is there a dominant type in the NU Tier?

OU has their dragons and steels. In NU, fire is the type of choice. There are numerous viable fire type due to the fact many are so under used due to SR's in the higher tiers. The pokemon include Charizard, Magmortar, Ninetails, Entei, Monferno, Camerupt, Flareon, Typhlosion, and Rapidash.

Offensive Threats

Strengthes: Meet the Salamence of NU. Not only does Charizard pack power from both sides of the spectrum (84 attack, 109 special attack) but it is also very fast for the tier (100 speed). It also has a huge move pool including Fire Blast, Flare Blitz, EQ, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Air Slash, Solar Beam, Focus Punch, Thunder Punch, Belly Drum, Dragon Dance, Swords Attack, ect ect. Combine these things and you have an unpredictable pokemon that can run a variety of sets, similar to Mence. Belly Drum, Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, MixZard, Sunny Day, Specs, and SubPunch sets can all destroy a whole team.

Weaknesses: Steath Rocks, Stealth Rocks, Stealth Rocks. With Rocks up it gets only one switch in (2 if you iv and ev perfectly and take no damage). Combine this with the fact it usually runs life orb and you can see why its in the NU Tier. And while its flying type gives it a free switch in on predicted earthquakes, it also makes it neutral to the common ice beam and takes super effective damage from the very common Tbolt.

Strengthes: Its ability, Huge Power, doubles Medicham's Attack to awesome levels, especially for NU. When given a choice scarf, which is what it is commonly holding, it is able to outspeed and OHKO a majority of the metagame if it predicts right. It has unique typing, Fight/Psychic, and uses stab moves Hi Jump Kick (or brick break) and Psycho Cut. It can also learn Thunder and Ice Punch along with Bullet Punch if it is running a Life Orb set to make up for its poor speed. IF you forgo the scarf and go with a band instead, this thing hits incredibly Hard. In fact, CB Thunderpunch will 2HKO max/max Skarmory! Predict wrong and you are dead against Medicham.

Weaknesses: Its speed is mediocre at best and almost always forces it to run a Choice Scarf because of its other weakness: it can't take a hit to save its life. If you hit this thing, it will die. It is a glass cannon.

Strengths: 125 special attack is a good place to start. Combine that with stab fireblast, the ability to learn focus blast to hit incoming rock types, and the fact it can learn thunderbolt to hit incoming waters makes it very hard to switch into. it also has usable bulk in the tier.

Weaknesses: It isn't fast, even for NU. Base 83 speed plus its stealth rock weakness is the reason it is in NU. Most have to be scarfed, which makes everything a prediction game with it.

Strength: Espeon is very fast and hits very hard from the special side. Sub/CM sets can get behind a sub, set up, and sweep you. Baton pass sets are fast enough to pass off subs or cm's before they are killed. Or it can run trick + specs or scarf and act as a great revenge killer or a hard hitting specs user... or cripple a wall.

Weakness: It can't take a hit, especially from the physical side. If not behind a sub, it can also be pursuit bait for the likes of pokemon like skuntank.

Defensive Threats

110 special defense and 80 HP make it a great special wall in NU. Thanks to its typing and ability Thick Fat, this is about as safe as a switch in to Medicham, Primeape, and the variety of fire sweepers in the tier.

Common Leads

Electrode has the fastest taunt in the tier (in fact it may be the fastest pokemon period). It also is the best rain starter in the tier just like in UU. And after it has done its job, it can just go boom, taking out a poke with it.

Gligar has access to both Taunt and SR and is one of hte fastest users of SR. However, its speed is only 85 so it is very susceptible togeting taunted. However, unlike many leads, it has great defenses and can come back in later to get up stealth rocks.

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PostSubject: Re: A guide to the wonderful world of NU   Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:15 am

Awesome guide m8. Btw slowking is UU now but oh well xD I might try a gligar. :3
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A guide to the wonderful world of NU
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