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 A guide to the wonderful world of NFE!

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PostSubject: A guide to the wonderful world of NFE!   Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:47 pm

Starting In NFE?

Whats does NFE stand for? It stands for Not Fully Evolved

Whats the Differnce Between Little Cup and NFE? The differnece is only first stage pokemon are allowed in little cup while NFE is mostly made up of second stage pokemon but there exceptions to that rule for example:Gligar, Yanma among other first stage pokemon

Whats the Point of NFE? Its a extremly fun tier with a large amount of useable pokemon to choose from and it isnt pure offensive like Little Cup and is played alot like the UU, OU tiers

Can Weather/Gravity be used in NFE? They can be used with Snover etc being useable in NFE but it can be alot harder to use especially for trainers just starting to experiment with the Tier

Are There Any Banned Pokemon in NFE? Yes all the fully evolved pokemon are banned and no exceptions to that rule this include ubers and Wyanut is banned aswell for obvious reasons,Scyther can be considered banned because his BST is pretty much close to Scizors

Notable Pokemon in NFE


1).Sneasel- Sneasel may be the single best lead in the NFE tier. Just likes its older brother Weavile he can be a deadly quick anti-lead with 95 base attack and 115 speed its not something to laugh at. With acess to Fake Out,Taunt,Ice Shard/Ice Punch and stab like night slash he can almost be a sure way to atleast kill one pokemon

2).Yanma- Yanma may be a lesser version of Yanmega but with 75 base attack and 95 speed it is another good choice for a lead. With Speed Boost it can work as a quick annoying pokemon and with compoundeyes its best moves like hypnosis and screech,toxic become deadly accurate.

3).Gligar- Gligar is very soild lead it has acess to everyones favorite move stealth rock and a move that every lead hates taunt.Another thing that Gligar can do is baton pass like a champ with rock polish and swords dance he can be a pokemon that can lead a team to victory.

Walls(Physical,Special and Mixed)

1).Dusclops- Dusclops is the top wall in NFE the only thing keeping it down in NFE is its low attack and hp.Acess to Moves like Will-O-Wisp makes Physical sweepers scared to switch in and pain spilt is a average recovery move.Having 130 base stats in both defences make it a tough thing to "kill"

2).Bayleef-Much like Meganium Bayleef is underated it makes a great cleric with acess to leech seed and Aromatherapy make him being able to use cure status and heal it self back up being able to set up Reflect/Light Screen is good to boost its already solid 80 defences

3).Shieldon- At first glance Sheildon doesnt look good but loook it has amazing defesnive stats.Acess to Metal Burst,Iron defence,magnet rise makes it a nice choice for a team and it works well with Dusclops

Special Sweepers

1).Haunter-One of the best Special sweepers in all of NFE.Base 115 special attack and 95 speed make hima great choice.Moves like T-Bolt,Shadow Ball and energy ball gives him pretty good coverage in NFE and being able to use selfdesruct if anything is always fun.

2).Kadabra-Kadabra is very deadly it has alot of speed and special attack(105/120).It can pull off a calm mind set/set up screens or just plain hit hard with energy ball,shadow ball etc.

3).Seadra-My personal favorite of the special sweepers in NFE. 95 defence/95 special attack and 85 speed are very good for the NFE tier. Surf/Ice beam and dragon pulse makes for great coverage and he can pull off a amazing agilty set aswell.

Physical Sweepers

1).Gabite-Yea Garchomp's little brother is something to watch out for in nfe.Perfect coverage with Outrage/Dragon Claw and earthquake is soemthing to fear.90 base attack and 82 speed is very good for NFE.

2).Machoke-Machoke is another top threat with No Guard its just plain scary.Dynamic Punch gives automatic confusion and with no Guard it hits everytime.It also gets acess to earthquake and the elemental punches.80 hp/100 attack/70 defence are very solid base stats.

3).Piloswine-It works just the same as Mamoswine. 100hp/100 attack/80 defence are amazing base stats. Stab Ice Shard is priorty and makes up for his poor speed and with Earthquake and Stone edge it is a very good pokemon
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A guide to the wonderful world of NFE!
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