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 Liek El Oh El

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Rupt Moderator

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PostSubject: Liek El Oh El   Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:24 pm

~When Some random Individual gets banned, his responce is remarkable~

alrights (01:08:01 AM): ya dude im still baned
l0renz03 (01:08:10 AM): Lol, I know.
alrights (01:08:19 AM): i hate kisame
alrights (01:08:32 AM): i didnt do any thing
alrights (01:08:54 AM): omg ya hes a B****
l0renz03 (01:09:10 AM): Well, did you refuse to touch willy's willy?
alrights (01:09:35 AM): dude i didnt wont to
l0renz03 (01:09:55 AM): Well, that's the price of refusal.
l0renz03 (01:10:06 AM): And they said you multi-accounted.
alrights (01:10:25 AM): ok i still fucking hate kismae
l0renz03 (01:10:37 AM): Well, did you?
alrights (01:10:59 AM): ya
l0renz03 (01:11:06 AM): Then that's why you got banned?
l0renz03 (01:11:08 AM): Get it?
l0renz03 (01:11:10 AM): Got it?
l0renz03 (01:11:11 AM): Good.
alrights (01:11:18 AM): im quit now
l0renz03 (01:11:34 AM): ?
l0renz03 (01:11:38 AM): Huh?
alrights (01:11:42 AM): oh nvm
l0renz03 (01:11:54 AM): Temporary fail?
alrights (01:11:54 AM): im just pissing off kisame'cuz he also bocked me
l0renz03 (01:12:04 AM): What, like spamming him?
alrights (01:12:10 AM): ya
l0renz03 (01:12:18 AM): Lol, thats not helping anything.
alrights (01:12:19 AM): be he blocked me
alrights (01:12:22 AM): idc
l0renz03 (01:12:26 AM): He said he did.
alrights (01:12:31 AM): hes blocked me and i did nothing
alrights (01:12:39 AM): he did ban me
l0renz03 (01:12:39 AM): You multi-accounted.
alrights (01:12:46 AM): ya but thats not fair
alrights (01:12:54 AM): y di kisame do that
l0renz03 (01:12:56 AM): And you refused to touch William's penis.
alrights (01:13:08 AM): im not gay
l0renz03 (01:13:08 AM): Those are two actions that deserve punishment.
alrights (01:13:37 AM): dude those are gay ruels
l0renz03 (01:13:44 AM): It not a matter of sexuality when it comes to touching Willy's willy, it's a matter of honor.
l0renz03 (01:13:57 AM): Until you learn that you will never be truely great.
alrights (01:13:57 AM): well idk
l0renz03 (01:14:05 AM): I know you don't know.
alrights (01:14:16 AM): ya neter did he
l0renz03 (01:14:29 AM): Do what?
alrights (01:14:45 AM): he didnt know i idk
l0renz03 (01:14:53 AM): ....What?
alrights (01:15:04 AM): to toch his wonka
l0renz03 (01:15:14 AM): He didn't know that you you didn't know?
l0renz03 (01:15:21 AM): Grammar fail much?
alrights (01:15:21 AM): ik
l0renz03 (01:15:25 AM): Lol.
alrights (01:15:39 AM): ya srry im just mad
l0renz03 (01:15:57 AM): Any last words for the public before I end this delightful conversation?
l0renz03 (01:16:42 AM): I guess not.
alrights (01:16:46 AM): ya
l0renz03 (01:16:51 AM): Well, i'll you later america
l0renz03 (01:17:02 AM): This is Lorenzo3, signing out
l0renz03 (01:17:08 AM): Dun da dun da dunnnnn
alrights (01:17:08 AM): ok bye dnate
l0renz03 (01:17:11 AM): a da da daaaaaa
alrights (01:17:12 AM): dnate*
l0renz03 (01:17:14 AM): Da da!

Roflmao for the double fail at the end when he tries to spell my name.


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PostSubject: Re: Liek El Oh El   Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:33 pm

LULZ !!!


Last edited by cactushh5 on Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:34 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : too much lol)
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Faggot canadian

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PostSubject: Re: Liek El Oh El   Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:14 pm

Double lol with ROFL on top and LMAO sprinkles.
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PostSubject: Re: Liek El Oh El   

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Liek El Oh El
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