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 Funneh Shit.

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PostSubject: Funneh Shit.   Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:38 am

***Talking to the guy who was cybering with all of us***

fantasticman12 (9:07:15 PM): out of all of the guys though godslayer was the most into it
l0renz03 (9:07:24 PM): Seriously?
l0renz03 (9:07:42 PM): Now I don't believe you, don't take it personally.
l0renz03 (9:08:17 PM): What'd he say?
l0renz03 (9:08:23 PM): ...Or do, or something
fantasticman12 (9:08:44 PM): he was just really encouraging
fantasticman12 (9:08:49 PM): "tell me you want it"
fantasticman12 (9:08:55 PM): "did i say stop bitch?"
l0renz03 (9:09:22 PM): And you just went along with it?
fantasticman12 (9:09:36 PM): yes here
l0renz03 (9:09:54 PM): Oh, okay.
fantasticman12 (9:10:06 PM):
godslayer33 (8:25:16 PM): hmm
fantasticman12 (8:26:22 PM): **plays with your cock.**
fantasticman12 (8:26:31 PM): im so sorry im playing with so many guys now that its hard to keep up
godslayer33 (8:26:34 PM): what is this i don't even
fantasticman12 (8:27:02 PM): **Gags on you and lets your thickness imaple the back of my throat**
godslayer33 (8:29:09 PM): did I say to stop bitch
godslayer33 (8:29:14 PM): keep going
fantasticman12 (8:30:23 PM): okkk
fantasticman12 (8:30:33 PM): **chokes on you but keeps going faster and harder**
godslayer33 (8:30:42 PM): that's a good boy
fantasticman12 (8:30:45 PM): **closes my eyes tight and starts tearing up**
fantasticman12 (8:30:48 PM): thank you daddy...
godslayer33 (8:31:03 PM): less talking more sucking
fantasticman12 (8:33:04 PM): *suckles your cock even more working my tongue hard*
godslayer33 (8:33:22 PM): oh yeah
godslayer33 (8:33:28 PM): that's the stuff
fantasticman12 (8:36:04 PM): **stops sucking and bends over his bed**
fantasticman12 (8:36:05 PM): fuck me daddy
godslayer33 (8:36:16 PM): heh heh heh
godslayer33 (8:36:20 PM): tell me you want it
fantasticman12 (8:37:16 PM): fuck me please....fuck meee.
godslayer33 (8:37:38 PM): that's more like it

fantasticman12 (9:10:11 PM): thats where ill stop but
fantasticman12 (9:10:14 PM): it was nice
l0renz03 (9:11:06 PM): I'll take your word on that.

I LOL'D AT THIS SO FUCKING HARD. Anyways, let's not let Silver know we got this dirt on him. Eh, too late, posted it on the chat.

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Funneh Shit.
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