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 Article:Generation 5 expectations

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PostSubject: Article:Generation 5 expectations   Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:06 pm

Hola mis amigos, and welcome to this thread where I will hopefully be writing some short articles about pokemanz, to better help pokerupt, and possibly attract more members If you have anything to say please feel free to. This is for entertainment I suppose, and reflects my personal thoughts. that is all, now lets move on the articles and whatnot Very Happy

5th Gen, shiny new things, and what became a reality, or was reviled to be a fake. Let downs and Wows
before the official release of 5th gen, and prior to there were many rumors floating about, some came true, some did not.

_swimming goggles

before we managed to determine all the items in the game swimming goggles was believed to be a real item, and it's supposed effects were: to boost speed and accuracy of water type pokemon, and put all other types to sleep when held. Had this Item truly existed Starmie (among others) would have seen a massive increase in usage! with better accuracy, thunder hydro pump, and blizzard could all be used to bring far more damage to opponent pokes, and with a speed boost, but no forced choice *shudders* everyone would have sucker punch users. but on the subject of choices…Imagine a starmie tricked you a pair of swimming goggles if you were not water type, you would supposedly fall asleep. Maybe permanently… that's one poke down for the entire match. In a metagame were Manaphy is currently allowed after a tail glow, it gains +3 spark, however it has little to no means of boosting it's speed without a scarf, but had these babies been real, well someone would be hightailing it back to users I'll tell you that. Swimming goggles----FAKE


You may wonder why there is a heracross picture. It's simple Heracross is to 4th gen as Ononokusu is to 5th gen. At the beginning of 4th gen everyone thought Heracross was going to be majorly OU, with the invention of close combat, and the prevalence of steels, as well as new and old pokes such as tar and Cress, the later fearing megahorn. The stage was set, but then Lucario happened. faster packing priority, and ice punch to combat dragons and gliscor, resistance to SR and immunity to sand…Forget Hera is what many people thought, and so ended his stardom. Ononokusu is similar in many ways, Pre 5th gen, or at least before we all had rooms, and played on PO. People were already talking about how "broken" Ononokusu was, and how he was headed strait to users. He is not people. I have never seen an Ononokusu sweep. never. He's not in the top 10 for usage even. Why? He doesn't really have an overshadowing lucario, but in a super fast metagame, he's not fast enough, and not bulky enough either. people just don't feel the pressure from him. Maybe he'll eventually get his turn to truly step into the spotlight, but until then he'll just be the little dragon that didn't quite fit. It's a sad world, where 147 base attack isn't enough. Oh another reason for his lack of success. Nattorei. They stop him dead 9 times out of 10. Now by all means he isn't a bad poke, and I'm not trying to discourage anyone from using him. He was just a bit less, then what people wanted-----LET DOWN

Abilites. they have always been a huge part of the game, but now even more so, pre 5th gene there was a rumor that permanent rain and sun, would finally come around. And yes, yes they have. When using weather teams, half the battle is a fight to control the weather, if your opponent is using a different kind. All weathers are formidable in they're own ways. But enough about some clouds in the sky, I'm talking about abilities. Dreamworld is very much a reality, and so old pokes, some forgotten, or rarely used, may see the light of day again. There is now finally a reason to really use Dnite over menace Very Happy . with his new found bulk he is capturing the hearts of players, just like he did as a premier wrap trapper in R/B/Y. New abilities to old pokes, and permanant weather are 100% reality, and I may be miss informed…but word on the internet street is that DW abilities are breedable Smile-----REALITY

ZOMG these guys are sooooooo broken…lol as if, when we learned of the abilities, and in cloysters and Jarooda's cases the moves that they would possess, many people were beginning to go somewhat ban crazy. These pokes are not broken in the slightest, although 2 of them have now majorly improved, it's no reason to ban, these guys. these guys are good new pokes, and fun to play around with.--WOW

New eves…Before ever pokemon game is released tons of people make fakes, and claim they're the real deal. No new pokemon eves of previous gens were released. You may say, but wait…what about that crazy luvdisc evolve thing…Hate to break it to you, but it doesn't evolve from luvdisc :O. And unfortunately this pic is fake, and Skarm, gains no new eves. (still crossing my fingers for genii 6 though!)---fake

STALL-OMG this guy is using skarmbliss what a loser-douche! You either love stall or hate it, ( I wuv it so much :p), but many thought they were free of facing stall due to the huge amount off fast passed offense, that was brought forth this gen. Thank god, but all these predictions were dead wrong, stall is still very much alive, and flipping off all those who can't adapt against it. With the invention of psycho shock, that special move that does physical damage, people thought bliss would be a thing of the past. Stall however devised an even greater special wall to deal with this….It's chansey
with the pre evolution stone, and some defense EVs this ping blob can take psycho shocks, and soft-boiled it all up! Very Happy Nattorei is the new swarm, only it can take non fire special hits. possibly making it just as potent, and working great synergy with Burungeru. Stall will always find a way to adapt and preservere in my mind, and I like it that way.Death of stall---FAR FROM REALITY

well that wraps this article up, hope you enjoyed it. If you've got the time…write articles as well! every little bit helps ~NUBBY

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PostSubject: Re: Article:Generation 5 expectations   Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:45 pm

Nice article Nubby. Man, 5th gen's flipping the metagame upside-down. Looking foward to it! tongue
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PostSubject: Re: Article:Generation 5 expectations   Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:54 pm

A big part of the game will be people using lv 1 endeavor sets since there isn't a lv100 selection in wifi anymore
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PostSubject: Re: Article:Generation 5 expectations   

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Article:Generation 5 expectations
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