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PostSubject: Advanced Team Building   Advanced Team Building EmptyTue Feb 22, 2011 3:52 pm

So You know all about EVs your feeling good, but you don't know one important thing. Team Building. You can't just throw a bunch of starters together, or if you feel you're past that, A bunch of random guys together. That is if you wish to seriously play this game. In this Guide I will show you how to build a team, and make one as an example.


In my opinion deciding your core should always come before making your team. With generation 5 right around the corner, I'll use A generation 5 team. Before deciding on A core, You have to decide: What kind of team do you want? What I mean by this is, do you want an Offensive, fast-paced, hard-hitting team, An agonizingly hard to take on Stall? Or something in between? I recommend that you have at least several MONTHS of expeirience under your belt, before attempting to make a stall team, as stalling is in my opinion an art of sorts, and takes a razor sharp mind.
For this Guide I'll Make A bulky offense team. Focusing on Pokes that can take hits as well as dish them out. For this team i will be blatantly OU whoring.


A core is the center of the team, the guys you rely on, your main 3-4 pokes. Cores can function with only 2 pokes EX. SkarmBliss, but 3 or 4 is almost always better, For Example adding Starmie to Skarmbliss allows them to live Infernape free, and Starmie can also spin away hazards that may trouble them.
A core should always have good synergy. Meaning that you shouldn't slap 3 pokes weak to the same type, or same pokemon, And expect to win. A core is the Heart and soul of Your team, and you need to understand that.

Lets start with Roobushin, or Conkledurr is his english name I guess.
Advanced Team Building 534

He's a very common Pokemon, And can Handle many Huge threats Such as Sazandora and Doryuzzu, with his powerful mach punch. And better yet he can split the Nattorei Burrungeru Core at the seems.

Bulk up
EVs 252 hp 252 spdef 4 attack
Ability: Guts
Careful Nature, Leftovers
~Mach Punch
~Drain Punch
~Bulk Up

Before a bulk up he's a force to be reckoned with. After...Wel, Let's just say He dosen't take shit from anyone. Status only pleases him, as with a guts boost he Becomes A monster, Mach Punch allows him to bypass his poor speed, and take out fast moving, Frailer enemy's in one. Drain punch and lefties will keep him healthy, and the last move is for what you want to hit. I recommend running Payback, since, He is slow as dirt, and You'll Hit slower psychics, and Burungeru Extremely Hard.

So Now I have one poke, What works well with Roobushin and can take hits that would make him turn away in disgust? Ahhh I have just the poke.

Advanced Team Building Sprite

Sazandora, the terrifying three-headed Hydra. He works wonders with Roobushin, by being immune To psychic hits, and able to easily dispatch with pokes that give Roobushin trouble, such as Latias.

Choice Specs
Evs 252 spatck 252 speed 4 hp
Ability: Levitate
timid Nature, choice specs
~Draco meteor
~fire Blast
~earth Power/u-turn

Perfect Coverage, and an obsurd damage out put to boot. Simply put this set destroys pokes, although notably walled by special walls, like Chansey. You may opt for U-turn to scout, and often get a much needed switch. While holding specs Sazandora can 2-hit kill any poke in the meta game besides bliss and Chansey.
Working great synergy with Roobushin, we is our second team member.

Although this combination is good, it's not Perfect, both have a bit of trouble with faster, hard hitting pokes like Latios, so I give you:
Advanced Team Building 212_scizor_1_m

Scizor, King of the late generation 4 meta game, and A great poke. Scizor nets lots of kills from his Excellent Bullet punch, and can be used to trap Latios with it's deadly pursuit. Also a stab u-turn of of Scizor's coming off a base 130 attack stat, is nothing to scoff at.

Choice Band
evs 252 attack 252 speed
Ability Technician
Adamant, Choice band
~bullet punch
~Super Power

Choice Band Scizor's massive 591 Attack, combined with STAB U-turn and priority in the form of Technician Bullet Punch, makes it one of the best revenge killers and scouts in the entire metagame. Factor in 70 / 100 / 80 defenses and its 10 resistances, and it is clear why Choice Band Scizor makes a fantastic tank. -stole that bit from smogon.


So now we have our core, but how do we want to set these guys up? What do we want the start off the match to turn out like? With generation 5s new team viewing mechanics, Some consider leading Dead, I do not. I say the new system presents even more oppertunity, to lead right. For a team like this we'll want to set up hazards to rack up damage, when the opponent switches from one of our pokes, such as Sazandora.

Heatran is a great rock setter, and can put the pressure on fast! I decided to go with him as the first part of my lead-of tag team!
Advanced Team Building Sprite

Evs 216 sptack 252 speed 40 hp
timid nature, item balloon
Ability Flash Fire
~Stealth Rock
~Fire Blast
~Hidden Power Grass
~earth power

This aught to get you a pretty solid Initial Lead right from the start, sporting great offensive capabilities and respectable bulk. He sets them rocks up, and then keeps on Trucking.

But of course Heatran can't possiblly handle all leads on his own, so we have....
Advanced Team Building Starmie

Starmie can hit hard, nailing the types tran can't seem to beat, while spining away hazards, and doing decent damage across the board.

Evs 252 hp, 252 speed, 4 spdef
timid, leftovers
Ability Natural Cure
~rapid spin
~Boiling over
~thunder bolt

This set can spin away hazards that may be set up, and hurt from the start, Boil over is being used in place of surf, to try to score a burn, which can be devestating, and may make your foe think twice about switching. Just remember to recover Starmie at high health from time to time. and you'll be fine

PART 3 Checks
Obviously It is impossible, to stop ever poke, and beat every team, so the last spot just goes to "glue" meaning what ever you think helps you over come problems with your team. This team Probably has a few problems since I just played it, and it hasn't been tested.
For this team I've decided the Last spot will be filled with scarfed Venasur, Who complete's the Water/fire/grass typing synergy with my leads, And helps take on threats such as Breloom.
Advanced Team Building Sprite

Evs 252 sptack, 252 speed
Timid, choice scarf
~Petal Dance
~hidden power fire
~Sleep powder
~Sludge Bomb

No it dosent have the best coverage, but it gets the job done, sleep powder may seem an odd choice, but never underestimate the value of a quick sleep, since in this generation Sleep Turns Reset When switched. Lastly this is an Awnser to Cune, who could potentially set up completely against this team.

Hope this helped,

Advanced Team Building 534
Advanced Team Building Sprite
Advanced Team Building 212_scizor_1_m
Advanced Team Building Sprite
Advanced Team Building Starmie
Advanced Team Building Sprite

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Advanced Team Building
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