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 EV hotspots in SS/HG

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PostSubject: EV hotspots in SS/HG   Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:07 pm

HP Hotspot:
- Where: Cliff's Edge Gate
- What to do / How to get there: It's the cave just west of Cianwood City, with the woman behind the counter advertising for the Safari Zone. Surf around in the little pond in that cave. (Rock Climb required)
- What you're looking for: 90% chance of finding Wooper (grants 1 HP EV), 10% chance of finding Quagsire (grants 2 HP EVs)

Attack Hotspot:
- Where: Mount Mortar
- What to do / How to get there: Enter the middle cave from Route 42, on the plot of land where the trio of Apricorns can be found. Once inside, Surf around the big lake; don't go down the ladder.
- What you're looking for: 90% chance of finding Goldeen (grants 1 Attack EV), 10% chance of finding Seaking (grants 2 Attack EVs)

Defense Hotspot:
- Where: Route 21
- What to do / How to get there: Surf south from Pallet Town until you see a relatively large plot of land with lots of tall grass. Run around in there.
- What you're looking for: 90% of finding Tangela (grants 1 Defense EV); ignore everything else

Special Attack Hotspot:
- Where: Route 35
- What to do / How to get there: Head north from Goldenrod City and Surf around on the small lake where the Apricorn tree is.
- What you're looking for: 90% chance of finding Psyduck (grants 1 Special Attack EV), 10% chance of finding Golduck (grants 2 Special Attack EVs)

Special Defense Hotspots:
- Where: Route 40 (percentages in bold, Route 41 (percentages in italics
- What to do / How to get there: Either Surf east from Cianwood City, or south from Olivine City; Surf around in the ocean.
- What you're looking for: 90% / 60% chance of finding Tentacool (grants 1 Special Defense EV), 10% / 30% chance of finding Tentacruel (grants 2 Special Defense EVs), 10% chance of finding Mantine (grants 2 Special Defense EVs)*

Speed Hotspots:
- Where: Route 43, Route 45, Blackthorn City
- What to do / How to get there: Surf on any body of water in those three areas.
- What you're looking for: 100% chance of finding Magikarp (grants 1 Speed EV)

*Mantine can only be found on Route 41, as a HeartGold exclusive.

Finally, it has been brought to my attention that wild Ditto can also serve as handy EV training. Thanks go to hotdogturtle, who first mentioned this technique to me:

Ditto copies the EV reward (the number of EVs granted upon defeat) of the Pokemon it Transforms into. So, if a wild Ditto Transforms into a player's Dragonite, defeating the Ditto in that Transformed state will grant 3 Attack EVs, just like an actual Dragonite would. It's therefore possible to exploit this quirk by putting the Pokemon you plan on EV training first in your party (remember to use Power Items and Pokerus if possible; these will be discussed in a bit). When you find a Ditto, switch to a Pokemon in your party that has the EV reward you want your first Pokemon to gain, and defeat the Ditto.

For example, suppose I have an Absol I want to EV train in Attack. I equip a Power Bracer (again, discussed later), put it in my front party slot, and put a Dragonite into my party as well. When I find a Ditto, I switch Absol out and send Dragonite in. Ditto will Transform into Dragonite; at this point, I'll defeat the Ditto to gain Attack EVs for Absol! This is a handy trick for speeding up the EV training process, as most Pokemon with high EV rewards are either rare or impossible to find in the wild.

Route 47 has a 41% chance of encountering Ditto, and there's a chance of having a daily swarm of them in the same location, increasing their appearance rate even more.

made by layman on game faqs
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EV hotspots in SS/HG
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