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PostSubject: Natures   Natures EmptyTue Feb 22, 2011 5:09 pm

Pokemon Natures are a feature implemented in the third generation that also help determine stats. Basically, a Pokemon can have one of 25 different natures, each of them lowering one stat by 10% and raising another by 10%. Note that Natures do not affect HP.

Is there a list of Natures I can browse? It'll be hard to memorize them all without a chart...

Here's the complete list of Natures. I'll list them in order of stats boosted, so Attack-uppers will be first, then Defense-uppers, and so on:

Lonely: Attack +, Defense -
Adamant: Attack +, Special Attack -
Naughty: Attack +, Special Defense -
Brave: Attack +, Speed -

Bold: Defense +, Attack -
Impish: Defense +, Special Attack -
Lax: Defense +, Special Defense -
Relaxed: Defense +, Speed -

Modest: Special Attack +, Attack -
Mild: Special Attack +, Defense -
Rash: Special Attack +, Special Defense -
Quiet: Special Attack +, Speed -

Calm: Special Defense +, Attack -
Gentle: Special Defense +, Defense -
Careful: Special Defense +, Special Attack -
Sassy: Special Defense +, Speed -

Timid: Speed +, Attack -
Hasty: Speed +, Defense -
Jolly: Speed +, Special Attack -
Naive: Speed +, Special Defense -

In addition, there are 5 other Natures that raise and lower the same stat, effectively neutralizing any boosts or penalties; thus the term "neutral" Natures:

Hardy: Attack +, Attack -
Docile: Defense +, Defense -
Bashful: Special Attack +, Special Attack -
Quirky: Special Defense +, Special Defense -
Serious: Speed +, Speed -

Are there ways to influence Natures?

Wild Pokemon normally have their Natures randomized. There's a trick to attempt to convert a wild Pokemon's Nature to your liking, though, and that's through the Synchronize Ability. If a Pokemon with Synchronize is at the front of your party, wild Pokemon encountered will have a 50% chance of being the same Nature as your Pokemon. Many Trainers use this tactic, especially with the PokeRadar in D/P/Pt, and dub this type of support Pokemon a "Synchronizer".

As with wild Pokemon, Natures are decided randomly for a hatched Pokemon. However, if you give your Ditto an Everstone to hold, the resulting baby will have a 50% chance of inheriting the Ditto's Nature. This can be useful for mitigating the random chance factor associated with breeding.4 - II: What about that RNG abuse thing you mentioned earlier? What's that?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. It's basically the game mechanic that determines... well, everything. Shiny Pokemon, items held by wild Pokemon, IVs, Natures, Abilities, critical hits and misses in battle... even the direction NPCs turn -- all of these are determined by the RNG.
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