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PostSubject: IV Breeding   IV Breeding EmptyWed Feb 23, 2011 12:28 pm

To make sure you completely understand. I'm only going to be talking about how IVs are transmitted through breeding.

If you don't know what IVs are or what they do, click here.
IV breeding:

When breeding, the hatched pokemon's IVs aren't set randomly.
They come from the pokemon's parents. But not in any random way. 3 IVs from each parent will be carried to the child.

Eg: Let's say you breed an Electabuzz that has 31 Attack, 31 Sp.Attack, and 31 Speed IVs with another Electabuzz that has 31 Defense, 31 Hp, and 31 Sp.Defense IVs. The child may have 31 IVs in all stats, receiving the Attack, Sp. Attack, and Speed IVs from the first Electabuzz, and the Defense, Sp.Defense, and HP IVs from the second one.

Remember, the baby can take the IVs from any one of the parents' stats. It could take the bad defensive IVs from the first Electabuzz and the bad offensive IVs from the second one.

Controlling sent IVs:

In Heartgold and Soulsilver versions, we have a way of controlling which IVs are sent to the baby to an extent.

The six power items: Power weight, bracer, belt, lens, band, and anklet are normally used to speed up EV training. But they have a second effect.

Each power item, when held by a parent, will pass on the IV value of the stat it corresponds to to the baby. Now you can make sure the baby gets at least two of the IVs you want it to have. One from each parent. This is great for breeders who want their pokemon to have certain high stats.

Power weight corresponds to HP
Power bracer corresponds to Attack
Power belt corresponds to Defense
Power lens corresponds to Sp.Attack
Power band corresponds to Sp.Defense
Power Anklet corresponds to Speed

Eg: Let's say you have an Electabuzz with 31 Sp.Attack IVs. You really want to make sure your baby has those 31 Sp.Attack IVs too. So you make it hold a Power lens. Instead of the baby's Sp.Attack IVs being randomly chosen, it's guaranteed to have 31 Sp.Attack IVs due to the Power lens.

In case you don't already know, the power items can each be bought from the battle frontier for 16 BP each.

Put your new breeding skills to work and make some really great pokemon! Good luck!

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IV Breeding
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