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 Trolling on Part 2

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Harden Cox
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Harden Cox

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PostSubject: Trolling on Part 2    Trolling on Part 2  EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 1:18 am

24,291 strangers onlineYou're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Hello Very Happy

You: Asl ?

Stranger: hi。

Stranger: China

Stranger: 16

You: 10 m Pallet Town

You: My name is Ash Ketchum and your name is Very Happy ?

Stranger: lucy。

You: Do you know what Pokemon are ?

Stranger: My English is not good

You: O well thats okay

You: Because i live in japan Very Happy

You: You see my dream is to be a Pokemon master

You: I want to catch em all

You: Because

Stranger: You in Japan?

Stranger: Where you are?

Stranger: what are you doing

You: I wanna be the very best like no one ever was to catch them is my real test to train them is my cause i will travel across the land searching far and wide these pokemon to understand the power thats inside Pokemon !! got catch em all its you and me i know its my destiny POKEMON ! ok your my best friend ina world we must defend POKEMON ! a heart so true our courage will pull us thrue you teach my and ill teach you GOTTA CATCH EM ALL POKEMON !!!

You: Well at the moment

You: Im facing a wild pidgey

You: Its very strong but im pretty sure ill catch it

You: Because my pikachu and me have a bond that cant be broken

Stranger: My day. You let me take a breath

Stranger: My English is not so good

You: Okay but in the world of Pokemon you can never take a break because there are always new Pokemon being found

You: I mean when i first started my journey there was only 151 now there is over 500 Very Happy

You: Isnt that amazing

You: Let me name all the pokemon i have

You: I have my pikachu of course

You: I have 30 tauros

You: I have a infernape

You: I have a torterra

You: I have a gliscor

You: I have a bayleef

You: I have a totodile

You: I have a glalie

You: i have a quilava

Stranger: Do you speak Chinese?

You: i have a buizel

You: Yes i do

Stranger: I looked at tired

Stranger: We speak Chinese to

Stranger: 你会中文么? (What would you Chinese?)

You: 您好IM灰凱旋(Im ash ketchum)

Stranger: 你好。我是露西。(Hello. I'm Lucy.)

Stranger: 你来自哪里?(Where are you from?)

You: 我不知道你說你他媽的叮噹響(i dont know what your saying you fucking chink)

Stranger: 什么?(What?)

You: 去掛你的自我(Go hang yourself)

Stranger: 你说的是什么?(You say that?)

You: 因為我是灰他媽的凱旋口袋妖怪皮卡丘主母狗我會打你的屁股(For i am Ash Fucking Ketchum Pokemon master Bitch My pikachu will beat your ass)

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

So it wasent as lulzy as it could have been he dc'd befor i could really get started but yir still pretty damn funny so if you guys do any good omegle trolling post it on here so we dont use to much space on the forums

Trolling on Part 2  FagddenTrolling on Part 2  HUMANITARIAN[img][/img]
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Trolling on Part 2  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Trolling on Part 2    Trolling on Part 2  EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 2:04 am

Stranger: heyo
You: <333
Stranger: FINALLY!
You: YES.
You: But, no beach wedding, I hate the beach.
You: Oh, and we're honeymooning in paris<3
Stranger: Oh paris is so romantic
You: We're gonna have 3 dogs. All Roitweiliers, and NO KIDS.
You: I am not giving birth.
Stranger: In the spring I hope?
You: My social security number is 657-3456-45677
You: And sure.
Stranger: woot
You: Anyway, the clan is after me.
You: You have to come find me.
Stranger: damn. I will find you, mysterious stranger
You: Once you have all my personal information, we shall gallop into the sunset on horseback.
Stranger: Indeed.

Too lazy to go do another one.

Trolling on Part 2  Mewsig1

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Trolling on Part 2
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