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 What has the world become

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Harden Cox
Rupt Admin

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Age : 76

PostSubject: What has the world become   Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:47 pm

Okay so if your reading im sure you have seen the post from Kis named how many ways where he argues with a fag named newnear telling him he does not care about hackers no about 4 hours after that post near found it may be cool to pm and tell me the same exact thing thinking i was his friend I in return seeing the post kis made decided to tear him a new asshole well tonight fag pm's again here it is

near222 (9/20/11 9:13:23 PM): Why do you think you're so high in mighty?
labumba (9:14:20 PM): Because i am awesome
near222 (9:14:33 PM): And then you usually try to offend someone else when they point that out, because you can't think of an answer. why are you awesome?
labumba (9:14:45 PM): Your font is messing up
labumba (9:14:51 PM): Cant see what it is saying
near222 (9:15:04 PM): It just mixes with bg
near222 (9:15:10 PM): maybed you should highlight or some shit
near222 (9:15:36 PM): There
near222 (9:15:42 PM): This is as big as it gets.
near222 (9:15:47 PM): <-<
labumba (9:16:05 PM): And honestly i dont act high and mighty as you put it but if i am better then a person i will not be afraid to show it
near222 (9:16:20 PM): You act like a tough guy
near222 (9:16:31 PM): you try to offend others because you're a 'tough guy'
labumba (9:16:49 PM): Only offend others when the try offending me first
labumba (9:16:56 PM): I have never went out looking to troll
labumba (9:17:00 PM): I let them come to me
near222 (9:17:02 PM): And you call others faggits For no reason, i would understand if you were from 4chan, or if you were trolling, but you do it as random offenses.
near222 (9:17:09 PM): You're a disgrace to human society.
labumba (9:17:25 PM): Lol cool story
near222 (9:17:31 PM): No, not a story.
near222 (9:17:42 PM): This is what is wrong with our government
near222 (9:17:44 PM): People like you.
labumba (9:17:57 PM): No its people like you
near222 (9:18:09 PM): And then, you try to point the finger at me.
near222 (9:18:13 PM): Typical.
labumba (9:18:25 PM): If there was not people like you we wouldent be looked at as a weak country
near222 (9:18:51 PM): People like me? you mean people who work to protect human security? and people who try to end civil wars?
labumba (9:19:05 PM): Exactly
near222 (9:19:08 PM): Unlike you, when all you do is Act like a tough guy, and troll because you're bored.
labumba (9:19:12 PM): We dont need you
labumba (9:19:17 PM): We are all fucking animals
near222 (9:19:17 PM): Tell me how my 'kind' is ruining.
near222 (9:19:29 PM): Yeah, and we could be more organized
labumba (9:19:33 PM): We are animals just like the rest just a little smarter
labumba (9:19:38 PM): We are made for war
near222 (9:19:42 PM): No.
labumba (9:19:47 PM): There will always be war
near222 (9:19:48 PM): Not all animals are all war.
labumba (9:19:52 PM): Its in our nature
labumba (9:20:05 PM): But people like you have gotten to used to living in non war times
labumba (9:20:13 PM): That you think there should be no war ever
labumba (9:20:34 PM): People like you think that this shit is fake
near222 (9:20:35 PM): We don't think we shouldnt have any war at all.
near222 (9:20:39 PM): We get rid of the bad in the world.
labumba (9:20:44 PM): We could get attacked anyday by anyone
near222 (9:20:54 PM): You're like the american government, you make us out to be 'criminals'
labumba (9:20:55 PM): And you would probably vote not going to war
near222 (9:21:12 PM): When the fbi is just Butthert we steal their gigabytes.
labumba (9:21:20 PM): Well guess was when war comes if i was you id put the gun in my mouth and be a god damn an hero
labumba (9:21:30 PM): Because you are to weak to survive in war
near222 (9:21:44 PM): no, we stop war by ruining the other governments websites
near222 (9:21:49 PM): we find their sites, and hack them
near222 (9:21:58 PM): And mess with their government, when they cause problems
labumba (9:21:59 PM): Wtf are you talking about we
labumba (9:22:02 PM): There is no we
labumba (9:22:07 PM): Your just a little fucking fan boy
labumba (9:22:13 PM): What they are doing is illegal
near222 (9:22:15 PM): Everyone is anonymous
labumba (9:22:22 PM): Im not bitch
near222 (9:22:27 PM): I am not a fanboy, I am anon. You are anon. Everyone is anon.
labumba (9:22:29 PM): But you are because you ride dick
near222 (9:22:33 PM): You act as if anon is a group.
near222 (9:22:35 PM): It's a idea.
near222 (9:22:48 PM): And see, you're trying to insult me.
labumba (9:22:51 PM): Its a group of little fags that want a reason to stay out of prison
labumba (9:22:58 PM): Fucking hippies thats what you are
near222 (9:23:10 PM): LOL
labumba (9:23:16 PM): THE GOVERNMENT MAN
near222 (9:23:17 PM): you are lulzy indeed
near222 (9:23:27 PM): If you think that's what we are, then you know nothing.
near222 (9:23:34 PM): Don't hate on something you don't know about.
near222 (9:23:35 PM): k?
labumba (9:23:48 PM): Dont you hate on somthing you dont know
labumba (9:23:54 PM): If it wasent for the government
labumba (9:23:58 PM): Human race would be gone
near222 (9:24:09 PM): Funny. All you have to do is go to their irc to really be considered a true anon. Although everyone is real anon.
near222 (9:24:20 PM): The government ruins human society.
near222 (9:24:29 PM): By lieing and stealing personal information.
labumba (9:24:32 PM): No they have saved its ass
near222 (9:24:42 PM): Definately.
labumba (9:24:59 PM): If it was not for the government we would all be dead via radiation poison
labumba (9:25:07 PM): There would have been a nuclear war
labumba (9:25:13 PM): If not for the government
near222 (9:25:32 PM): And, if we had hackers back then, we could precent the use of the nuclear bomb.
labumba (9:25:43 PM): LOLOLOLOL
labumba (9:25:47 PM): O thats funny
labumba (9:25:51 PM): Okay listen buddy
labumba (9:26:10 PM): No hacker can hack into the militarys computers to hack a nuclear bomb
labumba (9:26:29 PM): You would need a supercomputer and it would take up to 10 years
near222 (9:26:41 PM): No, i mean mess with the governemnts internet access, thus helping slow down the process.
labumba (9:26:42 PM): And at the first sign they were being hacked they would knock on your door
near222 (9:26:44 PM): If you really must know.
near222 (9:26:57 PM): anon found 77 secretive Fbi websites in 1 week
near222 (9:26:59 PM): with ease
labumba (9:27:02 PM): You cant even get in their computers
near222 (9:27:17 PM): LOL you think anon can't get into another countries computers?
labumba (9:27:18 PM): I am not talking about fbi
near222 (9:27:22 PM): you dont know shit.
labumba (9:27:26 PM): Im talking about our military
labumba (9:27:28 PM): Jack ass
near222 (9:27:32 PM): LOL
near222 (9:27:35 PM): military?
labumba (9:27:48 PM): You as stupid as they come
near222 (9:27:49 PM): I was talking about over countries militaries
labumba (9:27:56 PM): Anon can on hack shit sites
labumba (9:28:01 PM): Like psn
near222 (9:28:01 PM): Anon already hacked syria's.
near222 (9:28:11 PM): Anon hacked sony entirely.
near222 (9:28:15 PM): And microsoft.
near222 (9:28:17 PM): And paypal.
labumba (9:28:23 PM): He didnt hack microsoft
near222 (9:28:25 PM): IF you want to talk about shit sites.
labumba (9:28:25 PM): Lololol
near222 (9:28:27 PM): Yes, they did
near222 (9:28:29 PM): Actually.
labumba (9:28:29 PM): He hacked
labumba (9:28:31 PM): Nintendo
labumba (9:28:33 PM): And sony
near222 (9:28:35 PM): he?
labumba (9:28:36 PM): They*
near222 (9:28:38 PM): ok
near222 (9:28:41 PM): No,
near222 (9:28:45 PM): not nintendo, we did not.
labumba (9:28:49 PM): Google it
labumba (9:29:01 PM): Because you dont even know your own group then sir
near222 (9:29:43 PM): Nitendo prevented most of it.
near222 (9:29:45 PM): You know that right?
near222 (9:29:50 PM): the point is, we breached sony.
near222 (9:29:54 PM): And microsoft.
labumba (9:29:58 PM): Not microsoft
near222 (9:30:03 PM): Yes, we did.
labumba (9:30:03 PM): Google that while your at it to
near222 (9:30:05 PM): Not the games
near222 (9:30:08 PM): but microsoft itself.
labumba (9:30:12 PM): Okay
labumba (9:30:18 PM): That would have effected everything
labumba (9:30:22 PM): Nothing was effected
near222 (9:30:49 PM): It was operation Micro
near222 (9:30:51 PM): if you must know.
near222 (9:30:56 PM): Just like op Sony
near222 (9:31:01 PM): and op Blietzkrieg
near222 (9:31:04 PM): and Op Facebook
near222 (9:31:07 PM): and Op Payback
near222 (9:31:12 PM): and Op BART
labumba (9:31:18 PM): And
near222 (9:31:19 PM): and Op Syria
near222 (9:31:32 PM): Those are the ones i really care about.
near222 (9:31:48 PM): We're attacking tommorow.
near222 (9:32:06 PM): Well, at least that's what the irc said, it's not a op though
labumba (9:32:16 PM): Exactly
labumba (9:32:20 PM): Never seen facebook go down
labumba (9:32:26 PM): What happend to that ?
labumba (9:32:31 PM): Mr
labumba (9:32:38 PM): WE ARE GONNA HACK THEM
near222 (9:32:41 PM): Operation Syria is our op right now. Facebook is november 5th,2011
near222 (9:32:49 PM): The date for that is in november
labumba (9:32:50 PM): Okay another question
near222 (9:32:50 PM): idiot.
labumba (9:33:01 PM): What is your goal attacking facebook ?
near222 (9:33:10 PM): To fix human security at least a little
labumba (9:33:18 PM): Okay...
near222 (9:33:18 PM): Facebook gives the government our personal information
near222 (9:33:27 PM): And People put out to much of their information on it.
labumba (9:33:39 PM): You sound so much like a hippie its hilarious
labumba (9:33:46 PM): You have gotten do into this shit
labumba (9:33:51 PM): So*
labumba (9:34:05 PM): Now here is somthing
labumba (9:34:19 PM): Why touch a site that other people have no problem with
near222 (9:34:23 PM): We're against corruption.
labumba (9:34:24 PM): If society says
labumba (9:34:28 PM): Facebook is okay
near222 (9:34:36 PM): we arnt weak.
labumba (9:34:38 PM): Arent you the bad guys
near222 (9:34:39 PM): We just hate corruption.
labumba (9:34:45 PM): For going aganist their word
near222 (9:35:01 PM): Facebook gives peoples personal information out to the US Government.
near222 (9:35:07 PM): lots of people hate it too.
labumba (9:35:10 PM): OOOOOOOOO
labumba (9:35:13 PM): Listen to you
labumba (9:35:19 PM): "We arnt weak"
labumba (9:35:22 PM): You kinda are
near222 (9:35:33 PM): How? we want to end the corruption of the world.
labumba (9:35:33 PM): You talk this garbage over the internet
near222 (9:35:44 PM): And you talk garbage about faggotry every day.
labumba (9:35:44 PM): I never see you out protesting
near222 (9:35:51 PM): Nobody fixes you.
labumba (9:35:53 PM): Crime will never get you anywhere
near222 (9:36:02 PM): Hacking for a cause isnt a crime
near222 (9:36:08 PM): that what the us government thinks.
labumba (9:36:09 PM): Hacking is a crime
near222 (9:36:10 PM): And it's stupid.
labumba (9:36:20 PM): You are not hacking for a cause
near222 (9:36:27 PM): Yes, yes we are.
labumba (9:36:31 PM): You are hacking and backing it up with a unreal cause
near222 (9:36:35 PM): Ending a civil war would save lives.
labumba (9:36:47 PM): Just sad they have gotten you to bite into their little apple of death
labumba (9:36:56 PM): We are not ina civil war thoe
labumba (9:37:00 PM): Thats what is great
near222 (9:37:14 PM): I hate people like you, who don't see our point.
labumba (9:37:16 PM): And trust me if i was you
near222 (9:37:18 PM): It makes me feel sad for you.
near222 (9:37:20 PM): It really does.
labumba (9:37:23 PM): I would worry a lot more about the russian
labumba (9:37:30 PM): Or the chinese
labumba (9:37:39 PM): The people who live in america today
labumba (9:37:46 PM): 95% are weak
labumba (9:37:53 PM): They would never start a civil war
labumba (9:37:59 PM): Fearing they would "get hurt"
near222 (9:38:31 PM): And you think you're the other 5%?
labumba (9:39:03 PM): Ik it because im not worried about what others think or your little group
labumba (9:39:29 PM): Im worried about the real men risking their lifes everyday for your freedom that you take for granted so easily

Now i know this is very long so lots may not read it but if you did notice how after my last post he stfu patriotism ftw

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Rupt Admin

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PostSubject: Re: What has the world become   Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:10 pm

What a little faggot fanboy. Hes worse than Silver, and thats saying alot cuz Silver is Canadian. This guy lives in America.


"Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack"
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PostSubject: Re: What has the world become   Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:02 am

I got bored about halfway through, to be perfectly honest. How is it that ye end up getting all these random messages?
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Harden Cox
Rupt Admin

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PostSubject: Re: What has the world become   Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:58 am

Pteraclaww wrote:
I got bored about halfway through, to be perfectly honest. How is it that ye end up getting all these random messages?

They are not random he is just a fag who basically wants the cock of kis and i

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PostSubject: Re: What has the world become   Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:04 pm

Why does nobody ever want my cock..? =/
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Rupt Admin

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PostSubject: Re: What has the world become   Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:27 pm

Pteraclaww wrote:
Why does nobody ever want my cock..? =/

Because they're always after your lucky charms.


"Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack"
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PostSubject: Re: What has the world become   

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What has the world become
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