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 All These Questions.

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PostSubject: All These Questions.   Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:34 pm

peteyx (11:50:45 PM): Schyy. wanna answer some questions? or are u busy?

schylige (11:50:52 PM): Go ahead
peteyx (11:51:06 PM): Okay theyre just random cuz im rele bored
peteyx (11:51:15 PM): Favorite Color?
schylige (11:51:41 PM): Aqua marine.
peteyx (11:51:50 PM): lol okay. Food?
schylige (11:52:15 PM): Let me think..
schylige (11:52:42 PM):
I like a well-done stake with a certain spice which consists of :
2 tablespoons kosher salt
1 tablespoon fresh coarse ground black pepper
1 tablespoon coarsely ground white pepper
1 tablespoon mustard seeds
1 tablespoon cracked coriander seeds
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon crushed red chilies
1 tablespoon dill seeds

peteyx (11:52:56 PM): um lol
peteyx (11:53:05 PM): Haha okay xD I wasnt gonna make it for u but okay lmfao
peteyx (11:53:09 PM): now I know hah
peteyx (11:53:32 PM): What sort of music do you like?
schylige (11:54:15 PM): I like a certain type of western classical folk music.
peteyx (11:54:37 PM): Lol wow. im surprised but okay
peteyx (11:54:41 PM): Favorite song?
schylige (11:56:52 PM): Sorry, was AFK
peteyx (11:57:12 PM): no problem at all
schylige (11:57:18 PM):

peteyx (11:58:06 PM): Lol i guess it was easier to just show me a video instead of telling me
peteyx (11:58:07 PM): but okay hah
schylige (11:58:11 PM): Mhm.
peteyx (11:58:35 PM): Okay next question. Favorite show when you were younger?
schylige (11:59:05 PM): One Day at a Time.
peteyx (11:59:25 PM): I see..
schylige (11:59:29 PM): Mhm.
peteyx (11:59:50 PM): Birthday? Month, year, and date?
peteyx (11:59:53 PM): err
peteyx (11:59:54 PM): yeahh
schylige (12:00:11 AM): Birthday? June 27th uhh
schylige (12:00:17 AM): 1996..
peteyx (12:00:20 AM): Wait wait
peteyx (12:00:36 AM): i thought your birthday was in august
peteyx (12:00:43 AM): -.-'
schylige (12:00:47 AM): No lol who told you that?
peteyx (12:00:50 AM): YOU
schylige (12:00:56 AM): When? And it isn't..
peteyx (12:01:05 AM): last summer
peteyx (12:01:09 AM): but whatever, moving on
peteyx (12:01:43 AM): How do you feel about the stereotype that asian people are known to be smart?
schylige (12:02:03 AM): Never heard of that stereotype before..
peteyx (12:02:09 AM): Ooo
peteyx (12:02:12 AM): loool
peteyx (12:02:18 AM): Well now that you have
peteyx (12:02:25 AM): how do u feel xD
schylige (12:02:41 AM): I feel happy to know that asians are smart.
peteyx (12:03:14 AM): lol
peteyx (12:03:16 AM): Okay hah
peteyx (12:03:31 AM): How tall are you?
schylige (12:03:39 AM): 5"1.
peteyx (12:03:50 AM): lol
peteyx (12:04:00 AM): umm
peteyx (12:04:07 AM): Have you reached puberty yet?
schylige (12:04:14 AM): No, of course I haven't.
peteyx (12:04:28 AM): Is that sarcasm or are you being serious?
schylige (12:04:33 AM): Being serious.
peteyx (12:04:39 AM): aw lol
schylige (12:04:44 AM): :3
peteyx (12:04:53 AM): okay lmfao no problem at all.
peteyx (12:04:59 AM): brb for a sec
schylige (12:05:05 AM): Okay.
peteyx (12:06:10 AM): Ur cute btw :b just saying. Okay next question. Fav subject in school?
schylige (12:06:27 AM): Okay. And my favourite class is music.
peteyx (12:07:17 AM): ooh
peteyx (12:07:32 AM): do you play an instrument?
schylige (12:07:40 AM): Yes.
peteyx (12:07:45 AM): What is it? :oo
schylige (12:08:23 AM): The Gravikord.
peteyx (12:08:36 AM): The what? lol
schylige (12:08:50 AM):

peteyx (12:08:58 AM): wow I thougth u would do that
peteyx (12:09:01 AM): thought*
schylige (12:09:07 AM): I looked it up to show you
schylige (12:09:12 AM): Since you didn't know what it is..
peteyx (12:09:17 AM): Lol much appreciated
peteyx (12:09:24 AM): and wow it looks pretty cool
schylige (12:09:25 AM): How many more questions do you have? :/
peteyx (12:09:49 AM): LOL. Im making them up. If u want no more then I wont ask u anymore xD
schylige (12:10:02 AM): I will let you ask me 5 more.
peteyx (12:10:14 AM): lol no its fine.
schylige (12:10:19 AM): No no no, go ahead.
schylige (12:10:22 AM): I insist.
peteyx (12:10:54 AM): lmfao. Okay...what happened to you? You used to be more fun :[ im not sure if you know what im talking about
schylige (12:11:15 AM): What happened to me?
peteyx (12:11:37 AM): I mean nothings wrong with you right now but do u kno what im saying?
schylige (12:11:40 AM): Well, after I was born I found out I was destined to be the leader of the digidestined, so I must take things more seriously.
peteyx (12:12:37 AM): The leader of...what? Since your an expert at showing me examples may I ask for one now? lol
schylige (12:12:44 AM): No.
peteyx (12:12:48 AM): oh
schylige (12:12:52 AM): Continue with your questions/
peteyx (12:13:07 AM): Alright. What is..the leader of..what you said
peteyx (12:13:17 AM): If youre comfortable with explaining
schylige (12:13:22 AM): I am not.
schylige (12:13:25 AM): Sorry.
peteyx (12:13:34 AM): Alright..thats understandable.
peteyx (12:13:40 AM): Youre 15, right?
schylige (12:13:46 AM): Correct.
schylige (12:13:57 AM): 3/5
peteyx (12:14:42 AM): brb
schylige (12:14:57 AM): Okay.
peteyx (12:16:50 AM): alright. another question I guess. How do you view me?
peteyx (12:16:54 AM): Personality wise i guess
schylige (12:17:18 AM): You seem fine.
peteyx (12:17:48 AM): Thanks.
schylige (12:17:53 AM): 4/5
schylige (12:18:01 AM): Better make this question good.
peteyx (12:18:08 AM): lmfao okay
schylige (12:18:20 AM): And remeber, I will be truthful.
peteyx (12:18:29 AM): HMM HOW BIG IS UR PENIS?
peteyx (12:18:31 AM): lmfao jk
schylige (12:18:40 AM): Okay.
peteyx (12:18:45 AM): Unless u wanna answer that one i dont care xD
schylige (12:18:51 AM): No.
peteyx (12:18:59 AM): LOL OKAY!
schylige (12:19:13 AM): I will answer it if that is your final question, but that is a pretty dumb question.
peteyx (12:19:19 AM): lmfao noo
peteyx (12:19:23 AM): i have something else
schylige (12:19:28 AM): Say it.
schylige (12:19:30 AM): :3
peteyx (12:19:48 AM): Have you ever felt like you been in love? And if so, how old were you?
schylige (12:19:58 AM): 15.
peteyx (12:20:16 AM): I WANT TO KNOW MOORE
schylige (12:20:19 AM): Okay ask 2 more.
peteyx (12:20:22 AM): YAY
peteyx (12:20:35 AM): Are you with her? :DD
peteyx (12:20:39 AM): or him?
schylige (12:20:39 AM): No.
peteyx (12:20:55 AM): Okay..does she know you feel that way?
schylige (12:21:00 AM): No.
peteyx (12:21:08 AM): Sad(
peteyx (12:21:23 AM): -pats your head- Youre a good asian boy
schylige (12:21:29 AM): Anymore questions?
peteyx (12:21:40 AM): if you'll allow me
schylige (12:21:46 AM): Depends the question.
peteyx (12:22:06 AM): Are you planning to ask her out?
schylige (12:22:15 AM): Maybe.
peteyx (12:23:49 AM): How would you describe her?
schylige (12:24:14 AM): Well I noticed she likes spongebob alot..Uhh she is around the same age as me..
peteyx (12:24:39 AM): Lmfaoo. I like her already<33 Spongebob ftw
schylige (12:24:42 AM): Mhm.
peteyx (12:25:10 AM): Do you watch Dr. Phil?
schylige (12:25:33 AM): No.
peteyx (12:25:43 AM): Sad( hes awesome
peteyx (12:25:48 AM): But okay lol
peteyx (12:26:05 AM): imma leave u alone for now. Bye :3<3
schylige (12:26:17 AM): Bye.
peteyx (12:26:41 AM): Oh yeah..if you ever wanna talk about these things, im here foyou
peteyx (12:26:45 AM): Really.
schylige (12:26:47 AM): Lolk.

FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- I wanted her to ask this type of question:

Her: Do you like me?
Me: No.
Me: You didn't ask if I love you.
Her: Do you love me?
Me: No.

Anyways "One Day At a Time" is a 80s show and everything I said was a lie.
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PostSubject: Re: All These Questions.   Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:42 am

I remember that show.

Also, lol she wants your cock.


"Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack"
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PostSubject: Re: All These Questions.   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:17 am

Quote :
Anyways "One Day At a Time" is a 80s


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PostSubject: Re: All These Questions.   Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:34 pm

Isn't Petey a guy's name? because I can picture this Petey as some overweight 30 year old with nothing better to do
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PostSubject: Re: All These Questions.   

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All These Questions.
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