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 Something I found funny

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Harden Cox
Rupt Admin
Harden Cox

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PostSubject: Something I found funny   Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:50 pm

wachukwudickson (11/28/11 11:33:01 PM):

I know this request may be surprise to you, mostly on how i got your esteemed contact, for I do not intend to surprise you because you gave your contact to me when we where on chat and be informed that I need a reliable/honest individual who will understand my feeling and what I am going through.

I am Dickson, the son of late Chief. Mata dikson a native of Freetown , republic of sierra Leone , West Africa . My father was a close friends/business partner to the deputy minister for mining and Natural Resources [Dr Abel Maje ed Haroun [Deputy to Mrs. .Cecilla Banner man] in Sierra Leone . Until his death, he has been doing business secretly with the minister and at the same time representing him in all business correspondence both locally and internationally unknowingly.

Before the death of my father, I been the only son, he secretly told me that he had the sum of $24 million [us dollars] deposited with a private security firm in Ghana . These funds were realized from the sales of gold dust, this he transacted on behalf of the minister. the minister has no access to this fund as the fund could not be traced to him or any of his relative and he does not have the contact details of the of the security and were about the fund is being deposited.

the director of operation name BARTELS KWAKU , e-mial firm were the consignment is been deposited. After my father’s death, i did search his safe and discover all the documents which my late father did use to deposit the money as consignment on his name on behalf of a foreign business partner unknown to me. Before his death he uses to business in Europe and America that is why I believe that my father’s partners will be in one of this country.

Based on this, the minister has been running after my life asking me if I know were my father deposited the money before his death which I did deny. My fathers uncle advised me to leave the country that is why I left for Ghana and that is were I am staying right now for security reasons.

The reason why I am contacting you is that I want to claim the funds as consignment from the security company as the beneficiary's next of kin and you as my late fathers foreign partner who will receive the consignment on my behalf in your country but the security company does not know the real content of the box because my father told them that the box contains gold and diamond and the box is sealed and .the money shall remain in your custody till my arrival in your country. it can be transferred to your account in any of this country I have mention that my father use to do business as I am still interested in doing business in this country. Meanwhile the money can be invested into risk-free profitable ventures and there shall be an agreement to protect my interest. I have all the documents to enable you claim the consignment from the security firm. I need
Your permanent address as well as some form identification. For your reliable assistance, I will reward you with30% of the total money and the investment process 70% shall be for my family.
I thank you in advance in anticipation for your assistance in enabling me achieves this goal.

The nature of your business does not necessarily matter; please contact me if you are interested in assisting me. This will enable me scout for another partner in the event of non-interest on your can call me with this phone number+223-248 979177 E-mail

Thanks And God Bless,

labumba (11:35:06 PM): Cool story bro

So yir nothing to big but i found it pretty funny

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PostSubject: Re: Something I found funny   Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:37 am

That's nice.
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Rupt Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Something I found funny   Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:38 pm

I was like "Where's this going?" then I saw the Cool Story Bro, and lol'd.


"Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack"
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PostSubject: Re: Something I found funny   

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Something I found funny
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