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PostSubject: So then.   So then. EmptyMon Jan 30, 2012 7:52 pm

I'm going to try something, involving spam and yahoo answers. Bigger than my last attempt, which might also get me banned from Y.A.

I'll need everyone's help though. The people that this attempt will bring in are complete noobs, they will want to trade shiny pokemon and legendaries and other stuff people do when they don't know about PokeSav.

More likely than not, they will want to battle and they might suck, so you'll need to go super easy on them. In conversation you'll need to be polite and keep them interested by giving them pointers and free shit like TMs or whatever. I'd like everyone to show up to the chat and be active with these new people for a couple days while things pick up, soon they'll take to talking to each other and keep themselves entertained. Also, you'll have to keep the racist and uhh, gay comments to a minimum while they get used to the site, we don't want to offend them ..yet.

So I ask, when are you all free to hang around the chat and actually talk/battle/trade?

Edit: Oh yeah, I wanna get the gyms and E4 back up and all. So anyone who wants to be a gym leader go make your gym post.

So then. Ciexlyn
So then. Pokerupt
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PostSubject: Re: So then.   So then. EmptyTue Jan 31, 2012 8:21 pm

Can't emulators get wi-fi or some shit now?
If so, then if someone links me I'll do some shit. As long as there's conversation I can stay on the chat from about 7 pm eastern time onwards.

So then. Mewsig1

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So then.
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