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 Cricketar The Movie 12.21.12

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Harden Cox
Rupt Admin

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PostSubject: Cricketar The Movie 12.21.12   Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:36 pm

[9:27:27 PM] Sex Robot: Crickets rising sounds like the title of a bad 80's horror movie
[9:27:33 PM] Megan: there is no s
[9:27:34 PM] Cate: hahahahha
[9:27:38 PM] Megan: and cricket is her name...
[9:27:46 PM] Cate: wait mines Boy on the Island not Isle
[9:27:50 PM] Cate: my bad lol
[9:27:54 PM] Megan: and the little medallions look like rising suns
[9:28:09 PM] Megan: i mean is that an ok name cate? or does it actually sound like an 80s slasher flick
[9:28:11 PM] Cate: i see what you did there
[9:28:15 PM] Megan: ikr?
[9:28:22 PM] Cate: nah it sounds fine haha
[9:28:23 PM] Sex Robot: does not sounds like a slasher
[9:28:37 PM] Sex Robot: Sounds like a bunch of crickets grew 50x bigger
[9:28:41 PM] Megan: lol
[9:28:41 PM] Sex Robot: and are destroying the city
[9:28:42 PM] Megan: yes
[9:29:00 PM] Megan: giant crickets and making noises and disturbing the city
[9:29:09 PM] Sex Robot: mhmmm
[9:29:16 PM] Megan: but instead of not being able to find the crickets, you cant get rid of them
[9:29:19 PM] Megan: cause they're so big
[9:29:24 PM] Sex Robot: Lololololol
[9:29:29 PM] Sex Robot: We should so make this movie
[9:29:34 PM] Sex Robot: We will make millions
[9:29:49 PM] Cate: because they're giants?
[9:29:50 PM] Yuki: [9:29 PM] Megan:

<<< cause they're so big
[9:29:50 PM] Megan: it would be the 2013 blockbuster of da yearr.
[9:29:54 PM] Megan: lmfao
[9:30:04 PM] Sex Robot: No better yet megan
[9:30:08 PM] Sex Robot: We make it now
[9:30:13 PM] Megan: yes.
[9:30:20 PM] Sex Robot: And have it in theaters 12.21.12
[9:30:26 PM] Megan: BAHAHAHA yes
[9:30:34 PM] Megan: what if
[9:30:38 PM] Megan: thats how the world ends
[9:30:41 PM] Megan: giant crickets.
[9:30:44 PM] Sex Robot: We sue
[9:30:50 PM] Sex Robot: Cause we came up with the idea first
[9:31:10 PM] Megan: well of course.
[9:31:23 PM] Yuki: [9:29 PM] Megan:

<<< cause they're so big
[9:31:32 PM] Sex Robot: Lol saw it the first time yuki
[9:31:32 PM] Megan: you having fun there greg?
[9:31:39 PM] Yuki: lol
[9:31:49 PM] Yuki: just thought I'd paste it again
[9:31:49 PM] Yuki: Razz
[9:32:03 PM] Yuki: and no the world is ending cause tim tebow is a jet
[9:32:06 PM] Sex Robot: And the movie can be filmed like cloverfeild
[9:32:14 PM] Megan: thats legit bumble.
[9:32:20 PM] Sex Robot: 8-)
[9:32:23 PM] Megan: whats the big deal about that greg
[9:32:24 PM] Shadow: needs moar explosions
[9:32:31 PM] Sex Robot: O and at the end
[9:32:33 PM] Cate: tebows a jet?!?!?
[9:32:34 PM] Yuki: and an anal scene
[9:32:35 PM] Cate: efff
[9:32:37 PM] Sex Robot: We drop a nuc
[9:32:52 PM] Shadow: needs more hot chicks that cant act
[9:32:57 PM] Megan: ^^
[9:33:07 PM] Sex Robot: the cricket will grab a really hot girl
[9:33:12 PM] Sex Robot: rip her shirt off
[9:33:15 PM] Megan: like king kong
[9:33:18 PM] Megan: but with crickets
[9:33:19 PM] Sex Robot: then rip her head off
[9:33:35 PM] Shadow: It needs to effectively rip off every movie ever made
[9:34:07 PM] Sex Robot: And the crickets will be rare blue crickets and they will reproduce with their hair i shall call it cricketar
[9:34:43 PM] Sex Robot: I swear to god i could be the next james cameron

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Rupt Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Cricketar The Movie 12.21.12   Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:47 pm


"Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack"
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Cricketar The Movie 12.21.12
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