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PostSubject: Fate/Stay Night   Fate/Stay Night EmptyTue May 01, 2012 2:32 pm

Fate/Stay Night 4010

Ah Fate, one of Type-MOON's greatest series.

Originally a VN, it was made into an anime adaptation for those not willing to sit around and do absolutely nothing while playing a "video game".

Fate/Stay Night takes after the "Fate" scenario where Saber is the main hero, aside from Shirou who is the MC in all 3 scenarios. Shirou is some mechanic or some shit who gets picked on by some faggot called Shinji, and he hangs out with the student president. Pretty much he's the guy you pick on when feeling down. Little does everyone know, he's actually a wizard with shitty powers to rebuild shit and turn paper into steel. Yes, even as a wizard he's pathetic.

As time goes on Shirou turns out he's more then he seems and you realize that he might be pretty cool.

Characters include some bitch who is useless in this scenario, Shirou's roommate Sakura who Shirou doesn't tap for some odd reason. Saber who Shirou wants to tap but doesn't because he's a retard. Archer who is the most badass motherfucker ever and who you will never measure up to, only Kamina and Guts rival him in general badassery, and finally Shinji who gets the weak ass rider as his summon, Karma is a bitch isn't it?

As for the other Scenarios, there IS one based on "Unlimited Blade Works", which is the best one in my opinion. I'm not going to say much about this other then the fact that Shirou is now a fucking badass and takes shit from nobody there.

Lastly, there is "Heaven's Feel" which is the last scenario, it hasn't been made yet and I dislike this scenario. Shirou fucks sakura in this one and the rest is spoilers.
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Fate/Stay Night
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