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 Updating Your Shoddy Sprites.

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PostSubject: Updating Your Shoddy Sprites.   Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:05 pm

I added the new sprites from HG/SS to my Shoddy Client but I don't think I can add them to the server so everyone can see them. So I'll show you how to do it on here.

Its pretty quick I think. You'll need winrar and some knowledge of accessing hidden files. I'll try to explain it well though so you don't have to waste time accessing hidden folders.

First go here and download the file. It's safe, so don't worry about viruses. ?zmz2adjfztt

Those are the new ones, extract them, they should be 2 folders one is named frontshiny and one is frontnormal.

Now go to your Documents folder and click on the address bar and copy and paste this:

C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\Shoddy Battle\Shoddy Battle\1.0

replacing the X's with the name you use on there.

Now you should see the folders with the same names as the one you just extracted. Drag the new ones and drop them in, and replace all.

That should do it. Now just close it and the next time you start up Shoddy you should be able to see the new sprites.

Those instructions were for people with Windows Vista. If you have a Mac or XP and you can't find it on your own ask and I might be able to help you. Good luck :]

Also, if you only want to update some of the sprites then open up the folder you downloaded and add only the ones you want updated to the folder


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Updating Your Shoddy Sprites.
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