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Sherbondoo the fail Grammer Nazi Empty
PostSubject: Sherbondoo the fail Grammer Nazi   Sherbondoo the fail Grammer Nazi EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 11:34 pm

So yir not much just a nub asking to be trolled 1 out 0f 10 10 being the highest what do you give my performance ? first half didnt really give me anything to work with but after that i was smooth

1:16:50 AM: Type below to start a chat with Sherbondoo.
labumba (1:24:04 AM): Sup faggot
sherbondoo (1:25:02 AM): Excuse me?
labumba (1:25:24 AM): Do you speak English ? i said sup faggot
sherbondoo (1:26:03 AM): Yes. I very well much do. And "sup" isnt a word. Dipfuck.
sherbondoo (1:26:11 AM): So try again.
labumba (1:26:32 AM): O i see so your one of the wanna be grammar nazi'a
labumba (1:26:36 AM): NaZIS*
sherbondoo (1:26:44 AM): Dude you fucking fail.
sherbondoo (1:26:50 AM): But no, Im not.
labumba (1:26:55 AM): Kinda are
sherbondoo (1:27:01 AM): Im just more intelligent then your stupid ass.
sherbondoo (1:27:08 AM): :]
labumba (1:27:08 AM): O really ?
sherbondoo (1:27:16 AM): Really.
sherbondoo (1:27:18 AM): ﷯
labumba (1:27:38 AM): Then you should know better then anyone that taking the cock is not acceptable in this day and age
sherbondoo (1:28:03 AM): Says who?
sherbondoo (1:28:15 AM): Your master. ciexlyn?
labumba (1:28:15 AM): Says me faggot
sherbondoo (1:28:20 AM): Excuse me but,
sherbondoo (1:28:25 AM): How are you a females bitch.
sherbondoo (1:28:32 AM): Explain to me that.
labumba (1:28:48 AM): O you are funny sir
sherbondoo (1:28:57 AM): Thank you mayn ﷯
sherbondoo (1:29:31 AM): Got anything else to say?
sherbondoo (1:29:40 AM): Or are you still thinking of something.
labumba (1:29:44 AM): Even thoe you speak out of your ass without 1 peice of knowledge
labumba (1:29:51 AM): Sorry was answering other pms
labumba (1:29:56 AM): Im a busy man you know
sherbondoo (1:30:08 AM): I didnt know. You were a "man".
sherbondoo (1:30:17 AM): lolol fucking fail bro'
labumba (1:30:34 AM): You like that im a man
labumba (1:30:41 AM): Probably want to fuck me
sherbondoo (1:30:49 AM): So who are you, bee, mew, sg, kisame. Who.
sherbondoo (1:31:01 AM): I know your an account whore.
sherbondoo (1:31:03 AM): ﷯
labumba (1:31:07 AM): Im your worst fucking nightmare
labumba (1:31:11 AM): Thats who
sherbondoo (1:31:22 AM): Your not scary one bit. So blow me.
labumba (1:31:32 AM): You would like that faggot
labumba (1:31:47 AM): I heard you like the cock now
sherbondoo (1:31:58 AM): lol, dude chicks want to fuck me. And you sit around Gay pokemanz site all day.
sherbondoo (1:32:08 AM): So whos a faggot now queer.
labumba (1:32:10 AM): Who said im from a pokemon site ?
sherbondoo (1:32:20 AM): "fucking faggot"
labumba (1:32:30 AM): And chicks dont want to fuck gays hate to tell you man
sherbondoo (1:32:42 AM): I know you go to Pokerupt. lulz. Dipfuck.
labumba (1:32:53 AM): Nah only talk to people from there
sherbondoo (1:33:06 AM): Im sorry, but I cant understand faggots.. Speak up queer.
labumba (1:33:18 AM): You have the balls to call me a queer lolololol
labumba (1:33:39 AM): Im not the one pluging my ass pipe with cocks
sherbondoo (1:33:43 AM): At least I have some. Queerbait.
sherbondoo (1:33:52 AM): I bet you do.. Freak.
labumba (1:34:00 AM): I mean your a pathetic
sherbondoo (1:34:08 AM): I am?
sherbondoo (1:34:10 AM): ﷯
labumba (1:34:12 AM): Your gay you have a boy friend and wont even admit it
labumba (1:34:29 AM): If your gonna be a fag atleast be a good one and be proud of it
labumba (1:34:43 AM): But you care so much of what others think you cant
sherbondoo (1:34:43 AM): Sorry. Say it again?
sherbondoo (1:34:58 AM): I dont understand gayanees the first time through.
labumba (1:34:59 AM): Sorry i dont repeat myself for bitchs
sherbondoo (1:35:11 AM): lol lrn2type.
sherbondoo (1:35:14 AM): Queer.
labumba (1:35:24 AM): See thats what i speak of ^
sherbondoo (1:35:35 AM): And whats that.
sherbondoo (1:35:37 AM): Exactly.
labumba (1:36:06 AM): Well you being a queer calling others that is very hypocritacle
sherbondoo (1:36:14 AM): Is it?
labumba (1:36:23 AM): Yes very
sherbondoo (1:37:04 AM): Well. I have to say one thing. At least one person from pokerupt has the balls to attempt to troll me. I mean, I go there with a new username and you queer losers cant even stick up for yourselves. "mayn"
labumba (1:37:05 AM): That would be like a catholic priest saying anyone who touches a little boy is sick
sherbondoo (1:37:19 AM): lolol
sherbondoo (1:37:21 AM): Amirite?
labumba (1:37:30 AM): Not really
sherbondoo (1:37:37 AM): I believe I am.
sherbondoo (1:37:42 AM): Sadly.
labumba (1:37:44 AM): They just didnt have the time to bother you
labumba (1:37:51 AM): Site going thrue changes and all
sherbondoo (1:38:11 AM): Gay changes..
sherbondoo (1:38:13 AM): I know.
sherbondoo (1:38:20 AM): Posting gay pornos and all.
labumba (1:38:27 AM): Yes i mean you have changed a lot
sherbondoo (1:38:30 AM): I understand mate.
labumba (1:38:45 AM): I remember you used to be a pretty funny newb now your a gay newb
labumba (1:38:50 AM): Sad things are sad
sherbondoo (1:39:08 AM): Well, tell pokerupt they shouldnt of banned a pr0
sherbondoo (1:39:15 AM): And would be a bro'
sherbondoo (1:39:20 AM): Not an anti-troll.
labumba (1:39:39 AM): You a pro lololol
labumba (1:39:44 AM): That is very funny
sherbondoo (1:39:51 AM): Is that lulz material?
labumba (1:40:02 AM): O yes
sherbondoo (1:40:10 AM): Im glad. Because deep down inside your little heart you know it.
sherbondoo (1:40:19 AM): And you cant even troll properly mayn.
sherbondoo (1:40:22 AM): Sad stuff.
labumba (1:40:46 AM): Who said im trying to troll ?
labumba (1:40:57 AM): And you havent showed me one trolly thing
sherbondoo (1:41:02 AM): Its not obvious. Bro'
labumba (1:41:03 AM): Besides trying to be a grammer nazi
sherbondoo (1:41:10 AM): lolol
sherbondoo (1:41:24 AM): I think your raging But I cant tell. Because queers always rage.
labumba (1:41:28 AM): I mean you know you are a fail troll when you cant even be a proper grammer nazi
labumba (1:41:34 AM): Im raging lol ?
labumba (1:41:40 AM): Cool story bro
sherbondoo (1:41:48 AM): Really? Then show me a real "grammer nazi"
sherbondoo (1:41:54 AM): Since your a pr0 shet.
labumba (1:41:58 AM): I dont pride on being a grammer nazi
sherbondoo (1:42:09 AM): Then what do you pride on being? Oh wait.
labumba (1:42:09 AM): But ik enough to know you are failing pretty bad at it
sherbondoo (1:42:16 AM): A failure. Sad(
labumba (1:42:25 AM): Me a failure
sherbondoo (1:42:26 AM): Lulz mayn.
sherbondoo (1:42:31 AM): Just lulzz.
labumba (1:42:35 AM): Once agian hypocriticle
labumba (1:42:56 AM): Because i heard how your sites failed
labumba (1:43:06 AM): And how you even planned on commiting suicide
sherbondoo (1:43:45 AM): HAHAHA. Really now
sherbondoo (1:43:51 AM): And wich site was this?
labumba (1:44:09 AM): Well there was the one you made then kance made his and it went fail instantly
sherbondoo (1:44:31 AM): And wich site was that.
sherbondoo (1:44:37 AM): Cmon bro. Share.
labumba (1:45:21 AM): Pokethugs or some gay shit like that
sherbondoo (1:45:30 AM): Share like your sharing with fail little kids. Like schy. Hi schy <3
labumba (1:45:33 AM): Cant remember the name for i am old and my minds forgets lots of shit
labumba (1:45:46 AM): With schy ?
sherbondoo (1:45:47 AM): I believe it was Dark Frontier. But A for trying mayn.
labumba (1:45:57 AM): Same shit
labumba (1:46:03 AM): Was a pokemon site
sherbondoo (1:46:03 AM): Is it?
sherbondoo (1:46:06 AM): I didnt know.
labumba (1:46:10 AM): But also
labumba (1:46:14 AM): I dont talk to schy
labumba (1:46:20 AM): Canadian asian just dont mix
labumba (1:46:21 AM): :3
sherbondoo (1:46:21 AM): lolol
sherbondoo (1:46:30 AM): Are you retarted or just stupid?
labumba (1:46:39 AM): O wow
labumba (1:46:46 AM): You just asked me if i was retarded or stupid
sherbondoo (1:46:51 AM): Next time tell schy to not post our pms on your ghey pokemanz site.
labumba (1:46:51 AM): They both mean the same thing
sherbondoo (1:46:55 AM): Okay mayn?
labumba (1:46:59 AM): You are truely stupid
labumba (1:47:04 AM): I didnt post them to him
sherbondoo (1:47:06 AM): I am?
labumba (1:47:07 AM): Posted them to kis
sherbondoo (1:47:08 AM): :]]
sherbondoo (1:47:16 AM): Kis is a fail too.
labumba (1:47:20 AM): O really ?
sherbondoo (1:47:28 AM): Never even proved that she can troll.
labumba (1:47:29 AM): Well that makes my pennor sad ﷯
sherbondoo (1:47:36 AM): At least your trying.
labumba (1:47:43 AM): Thats another thing that makes you seem stupid
labumba (1:47:47 AM): "She"
sherbondoo (1:47:49 AM): lolol what.
labumba (1:47:49 AM): Lolololol
sherbondoo (1:48:27 AM): lolol what.
labumba (1:48:28 AM): But tell me what made you go gay ?
labumba (1:48:33 AM): Did your mom not hug you enough ?
sherbondoo (1:48:37 AM): Go what?
sherbondoo (1:48:39 AM): :]]
labumba (1:48:42 AM): Did your uncle hug you to much ?
sherbondoo (1:49:26 AM): Hey mayn. For future reference, whenever you "pr0s" try to guess who I am in the forums, be correct. Failures..
sherbondoo (1:49:38 AM): It wasnt tom. Or semen. Fucking losers.
labumba (1:49:39 AM): Ik who you was from the start
sherbondoo (1:49:41 AM): LULZ.
sherbondoo (1:49:51 AM): Did you now.
labumba (1:49:55 AM): Know*
labumba (1:50:01 AM): My bad
sherbondoo (1:50:02 AM): Thank you <3
sherbondoo (1:50:11 AM): I was gunna be really upset.
labumba (1:50:15 AM): But also
labumba (1:50:20 AM): Why did you change the subject
labumba (1:50:24 AM): I asked you a question
sherbondoo (1:50:33 AM): Of you being a queer?
sherbondoo (1:50:38 AM): Good question.
labumba (1:50:51 AM): No but good try what made you gay mother not hugging enough or uncle hugging to much ?
sherbondoo (1:51:12 AM): lol dude.
sherbondoo (1:51:21 AM): Dont try to use other failures troll lines.
sherbondoo (1:51:26 AM): It doesnt fit you.
labumba (1:51:32 AM): Like i said
sherbondoo (1:51:36 AM): Whats that.
labumba (1:51:36 AM): Answer the question
labumba (1:51:40 AM): Stop avoiding it
sherbondoo (1:51:45 AM): What question? :]]
labumba (1:52:00 AM):
try what made you gay mother not hugging enough or uncle hugging to much ?

sherbondoo (1:52:01 AM): lolol what.
labumba (1:52:18 AM): How many times must i ask befor i get a answer
sherbondoo (1:52:24 AM): Error.
sherbondoo (1:52:31 AM): I cant compute with bad grammer.
sherbondoo (1:52:33 AM): :\
labumba (1:52:40 AM): O see avoiding the question
sherbondoo (1:52:43 AM): And queers, may I add.
labumba (1:52:44 AM): I must be hitting a nerve
sherbondoo (1:52:52 AM): You are bro ﷯
labumba (1:53:13 AM): Because anyone else would have answered the question
sherbondoo (1:53:21 AM): Really now.
labumba (1:53:26 AM): Your avoiding it with more questions or fail attempts of trolling
sherbondoo (1:53:33 AM): I am?
labumba (1:53:48 AM): ^ there you go agian
sherbondoo (1:53:55 AM): You know, Its sad when even kevin says your being trolled. Remember last time>?
labumba (1:54:05 AM): What ?
sherbondoo (1:54:10 AM): Even Dagekid said you were. Wich is low.
sherbondoo (1:54:17 AM): Memorys a bitch isnt it.
labumba (1:54:38 AM): 2nd time talkign to you lolol
sherbondoo (1:54:50 AM): You sure mayn?
labumba (1:54:53 AM): First time you began trying to troll me and i said luls
labumba (1:55:03 AM): But once agian
sherbondoo (1:55:07 AM): You said what?
labumba (1:55:11 AM): Stop avoiding my question
labumba (1:55:17 AM): Its hurting me pen0r
sherbondoo (1:55:18 AM): Make me ﷯
sherbondoo (1:55:26 AM): D:So sorry.
sherbondoo (1:55:47 AM): I wouldnt of done it, but Im afraid I wasnt aware you had one.
labumba (1:56:00 AM): O that is clever
labumba (1:56:10 AM): But now that you know you want to suck it right ?
sherbondoo (1:56:13 AM): So, why dont you put on your pr0 shet mask.
sherbondoo (1:56:16 AM): And come at me.
sherbondoo (1:56:24 AM): Okay, thanks. <3
labumba (1:56:45 AM): I dont want to come at you
labumba (1:56:49 AM): For thats not my job
labumba (1:57:01 AM): My job is to milk this shit for as long as i can
sherbondoo (1:57:03 AM): Is that mews job?
labumba (1:57:17 AM): Nah
sherbondoo (1:57:18 AM): Because obviously hes a queer who runs to the ban hammer.
labumba (1:57:30 AM): Mews job is to follow his oath of being a mod and stop spam
sherbondoo (1:57:31 AM): Instead of dealing with it like a man.
sherbondoo (1:57:39 AM): I didnt know?
labumba (1:57:57 AM): Yet you did know
sherbondoo (1:58:04 AM): I did know?
labumba (1:58:16 AM): Yes you did
sherbondoo (1:58:29 AM): And whats that.
labumba (1:58:46 AM): You know
sherbondoo (1:59:13 AM): Its sad looking at how society is now days. Kids not even making a full sentence.. Fuck. What are you pr0s gunna do when the dick leaves your mouths?
sherbondoo (1:59:24 AM): ﷯
labumba (1:59:34 AM): O that truely hurt me
sherbondoo (1:59:56 AM): Im sorry bro.
labumba (1:59:57 AM): I mean are you really that ass hurt you got kicked off of rupt ?
sherbondoo (1:59:58 AM): <3
sherbondoo (2:00:23 AM): Im not "ass hurt" And yes, I stayed up all night crying mayn.
labumba (2:00:32 AM): I can tell
labumba (2:00:42 AM): Because how long ago was it they kicked you
labumba (2:00:49 AM): Refresh my memory please
sherbondoo (2:01:12 AM): Like, a few days ago. lulz.
labumba (2:01:19 AM): No no
labumba (2:01:25 AM): There was a time way befor that
sherbondoo (2:01:31 AM): And Its okay, because a pr0 doesnt belong at a gay pokemanz site.
labumba (2:01:40 AM): When you were a rupt member
sherbondoo (2:01:51 AM): Like, a few days ago. Indeed.
labumba (2:01:54 AM): No
sherbondoo (2:01:55 AM): Thermanthemerman.
sherbondoo (2:01:58 AM): Duhh.
labumba (2:02:03 AM): It was on your sher account you got kicked
labumba (2:02:07 AM): If you wont answer
sherbondoo (2:02:12 AM): Your point?
labumba (2:02:13 AM): I shall ask kis to get the answer
labumba (2:02:20 AM): So just tell me how long ago ?
sherbondoo (2:02:37 AM): Then get the answet, because I smoke weed and I have a life mayn. I cant remember ﷯
sherbondoo (2:02:46 AM): Answer*
sherbondoo (2:02:49 AM): :]]
labumba (2:02:51 AM): Lololol
labumba (2:02:54 AM): That was a good one
sherbondoo (2:02:56 AM): <3
labumba (2:03:01 AM): You smoke weed and you have a life
labumba (2:03:09 AM): If you have a life you have friends a job and money
sherbondoo (2:03:11 AM): Want me to explain it?
labumba (2:03:19 AM): You cant get a job while smoking weed
labumba (2:03:26 AM): Which means no money
sherbondoo (2:03:42 AM): Indeed you can.
sherbondoo (2:03:45 AM): Queer.
sherbondoo (2:03:53 AM): Obviouslly you have a crackheads job.
sherbondoo (2:03:59 AM): But thats besides the point.
labumba (2:04:00 AM): See sir
labumba (2:04:04 AM): Your getting mad
labumba (2:04:12 AM): I just put a huge hole in your logic
sherbondoo (2:04:15 AM): Go ahead and ask his for the "answer" mayn.
labumba (2:04:23 AM): Already did
sherbondoo (2:04:29 AM): And?
labumba (2:04:36 AM): Waiting for a response
sherbondoo (2:04:44 AM): Haha, your a queer.
sherbondoo (2:04:50 AM): Even she doesnt like you.
labumba (2:05:07 AM): March
labumba (2:05:12 AM): Thats the answer
sherbondoo (2:05:29 AM): Okay. Kool mayn
labumba (2:05:33 AM): So 5 months ago you get kicked from rupt
labumba (2:05:38 AM): 5 months later
sherbondoo (2:05:42 AM): Whats your point?
labumba (2:05:43 AM): you try registering agian
labumba (2:05:54 AM): and you say you have a life
labumba (2:05:58 AM): That r funny
sherbondoo (2:06:11 AM): What can I say, pokemanz guys are an easy target.
sherbondoo (2:06:16 AM): You caught me
sherbondoo (2:06:17 AM): <3
labumba (2:06:29 AM): Or is it
labumba (2:06:34 AM): That your so butt hurt
sherbondoo (2:06:37 AM): I have a feeling your getting mad mayn.
labumba (2:06:39 AM): You thought you would give it another try
labumba (2:06:54 AM): You have feelings ?LOL WHAT A BITCH
sherbondoo (2:06:56 AM): Haha, Yeah. Thats it ﷯
sherbondoo (2:07:12 AM): Dont use kisames line.
sherbondoo (2:07:14 AM): Queer.
sherbondoo (2:07:26 AM): Even though I respect you more now.
labumba (2:07:39 AM): Sad to say i have none for you thoe D:
sherbondoo (2:08:03 AM): Thats good <3
labumba (2:08:20 AM): sherbondoo (2:08:28 AM): So whats your picture?
sherbondoo (2:08:42 AM): A gay little squirrel or something.
sherbondoo (2:08:56 AM): With a red afro? What a gay thing you are.
labumba (2:09:08 AM): Nah
sherbondoo (2:09:17 AM): "nah"?
labumba (2:09:20 AM): Should look at closer
sherbondoo (2:09:47 AM): Im afraid if I where to click your profile, gay porn would popup.
sherbondoo (2:09:59 AM): Sorry mayn.
labumba (2:10:22 AM): Gay porn
labumba (2:10:39 AM): Thats all i have to say about that
labumba (2:10:44 AM): Next subject please ?
sherbondoo (2:10:59 AM): About you being pr0.
sherbondoo (2:11:07 AM): Lets move to that subject.
labumba (2:11:10 AM): O yir
labumba (2:11:13 AM): I r pr0
sherbondoo (2:11:18 AM): When did you become a pr0 sher?
sherbondoo (2:11:21 AM): Shet.
sherbondoo (2:11:24 AM): Sorry.
sherbondoo (2:11:38 AM): Not a sher, pssh. Nigga please
sherbondoo (2:11:50 AM): Hotter then the devil, Nigga hell yeah.
labumba (2:11:52 AM): First
sherbondoo (2:12:01 AM): Whatchu talkin bout. Tell it to my nine.
labumba (2:12:03 AM): I wouldent wanna be a sher sounds like a gay dog
labumba (2:12:06 AM): Second
sherbondoo (2:12:18 AM): Lifes a bitch, naw better yet a dumb pokerupt pr0.
labumba (2:12:20 AM): I became pro about 6 years ago when my balls dropped
labumba (2:12:32 AM): O lil wayne quotes
sherbondoo (2:12:35 AM): Really?
sherbondoo (2:12:37 AM): I see.
sherbondoo (2:12:47 AM): I didnt know clits dropped.
labumba (2:13:04 AM): You should know
labumba (2:13:18 AM): Cause your mothers dropped about 3 inchs when she had you ﷯
sherbondoo (2:13:29 AM): lol what?
sherbondoo (2:13:41 AM): Come by me again bro, In english.
sherbondoo (2:14:20 AM): Pussy as nigga I dont want your pr0 pokemanz ganeriah.
sherbondoo (2:14:30 AM): Opps! Did I spell that wrong D:
sherbondoo (2:14:32 AM): labumba (2:14:36 AM): Fail grammer nazi agian ﷯
sherbondoo (2:14:50 AM): I know right.
sherbondoo (2:14:58 AM): "Owkay"
labumba (2:15:24 AM): Why owkay did your boyfriend just enter your booty pipe ?
sherbondoo (2:16:10 AM): My what?
sherbondoo (2:16:15 AM): English mayn.
sherbondoo (2:16:23 AM): Not Pr0 pokemanz talk.
sherbondoo (2:16:27 AM): Not allowed here.
labumba (2:16:30 AM): I am speaking English "mayn"
sherbondoo (2:16:37 AM): lulz. Are you now?
sherbondoo (2:16:40 AM): I didnt know.
sherbondoo (2:16:53 AM): Cant tell the difference In queers now days I guess.
sherbondoo (2:17:08 AM): Hows it feel to be shut down mayn?
labumba (2:17:16 AM): So you cant tell the difference between you and your bf ?
sherbondoo (2:17:17 AM): You mad mayn?
sherbondoo (2:17:26 AM): I think so. xD
sherbondoo (2:17:33 AM): Labumba mad? lulz
labumba (2:17:35 AM): Nah
sherbondoo (2:17:38 AM): Yir.
sherbondoo (2:17:39 AM): xD
labumba (2:17:42 AM): Nah
sherbondoo (2:17:45 AM): I gotta tell someone.
sherbondoo (2:17:47 AM): Yir!
labumba (2:17:48 AM): You would know if i was mad
sherbondoo (2:17:50 AM): xD
labumba (2:17:53 AM): Ik your plan
sherbondoo (2:18:00 AM): lulz what pumkin?
labumba (2:18:03 AM): To bad i dont get mad
labumba (2:18:26 AM): I only get mad when your sister holds back on the pussy
sherbondoo (2:19:41 AM): On the what?
labumba (2:20:06 AM): O yea im sorry you wouldent know what pussy is
sherbondoo (2:20:16 AM): I couldnt understand the last word. You said your name instead of what you where trying to say. I know you where trying to say some kindof comeback no?
sherbondoo (2:20:36 AM): An Intelligent one Im guessing.
sherbondoo (2:20:43 AM): Queerbait. LULZ.
labumba (2:20:48 AM): Once agian
sherbondoo (2:20:48 AM): Hows it feel?
labumba (2:20:52 AM): Fail grammer nazi
sherbondoo (2:20:55 AM): Mayn. Hold up.
sherbondoo (2:20:59 AM): Hows it feel?
sherbondoo (2:21:01 AM): :]
labumba (2:21:27 AM): Your sisters pussy ? it feels great or atleast it used to know its just baggy and blown out ﷯
sherbondoo (2:21:50 AM): Thats sad news, but I was asking how it feels.
labumba (2:21:56 AM): And i told you
sherbondoo (2:21:58 AM): Now answer that question ﷯
sherbondoo (2:22:08 AM): No, you didnt?
labumba (2:22:11 AM): Yes i did
labumba (2:22:14 AM): Look up
labumba (2:22:16 AM): :3
sherbondoo (2:22:38 AM): Theres a ceiling mayn.
sherbondoo (2:22:40 AM): LULZ.
labumba (2:22:40 AM): But your not used to the words look up for no one wants you to look up when your sucking on them ﷯
sherbondoo (2:23:33 AM): I lost you half way through your comeback.
labumba (2:23:57 AM): So sad
sherbondoo (2:24:18 AM): I know labumba (2:27:14 AM): Mhmm
sherbondoo (2:27:56 AM): Sorry mayn. Although I enjoyed your trolling, I must go now. Facebook is calling me. Like I said, chicks want to fuck me.
sherbondoo (2:28:14 AM): Ill hit you up later mayn.
sherbondoo (2:28:16 AM): <3
labumba (2:28:17 AM): You made a typo in that sentence
labumba (2:28:27 AM): You said girls think you ment guys
sherbondoo (2:28:43 AM): You mean, "I think"
sherbondoo (2:28:50 AM): lol queer.
sherbondoo (2:28:52 AM): Bye now.
sherbondoo (2:28:54 AM): :]]
labumba (2:29:16 AM): Bye faggot
labumba (2:29:22 AM): Nice trolling you ﷯

Sherbondoo the fail Grammer Nazi FagddenSherbondoo the fail Grammer Nazi HUMANITARIAN[img][/img]
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faggots gonna fag
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Spriker your signature is amazingly long.

Yeah i'm not going to read all that.

Sherbondoo the fail Grammer Nazi 51sy0l
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Sherbondoo the fail Grammer Nazi
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