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PostSubject: Shinji > Tupac   Shinji > Tupac EmptyFri Feb 24, 2012 6:16 pm

bluenovas (9:08:29 PM)﷯
bluenovas (9:08:42 PM): No singer rapper or band in any genre can ever replicate the emotion expressed in that song.
schylige (9:09:05 PM): I beg to differ
bluenovas (9:09:11 PM): Lol
bluenovas (9:09:14 PM): Just listen
schylige (9:09:17 PM): I am
bluenovas (9:09:17 PM): he talks about some deep shit
bluenovas (9:09:24 PM): Tupac was a true poet/rapper
bluenovas (9:09:43 PM): That's why they killed him
bluenovas (9:09:49 PM): He was going to change the world
schylige (9:10:33 PM): Yeah I've seen better and deeper stuff
schylige (9:10:45 PM): Specifically this:
schylige (9:10:46 P)
bluenovas (9:10:48 PM): Probably I'm sure but they can't replicate his emotion
schylige (9:10:53 PM): Nah he did.
bluenovas (9:11:04 PM): I wasn't saying Tupac's was the best and noone could beat it
schylige (9:11:10 PM): Yeah I know
bluenovas (9:11:16 PM): But noone can replicate the things he went through the write that kind of song
schylige (9:11:18 PM): But Bedfordstrangler has the best emotion
schylige (9:11:26 PM): Tupac can't compare to Shinji
schylige (9:11:27 PM): '
bluenovas (9:11:28 PM): Ehhh
bluenovas (9:11:36 PM): Lol Tupac may have inspired him
bluenovas (9:11:44 PM): If he's black that is
schylige (9:11:57 PM): Nah hes white
schylige (9:11:59 PM): Its Shinji.
schylige (9:12:20 PM): Like Tupac hasn't experienced what Shinji has gone through
schylige (9:12:22 PM):
'but no one understands the kind of shit that i go through
like jacking off to comatose girls in hospital rooms '
bluenovas (9:12:32 PM): "Instead of a war on poverty they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me and I ain't never commit a crime I didn't have to"
bluenovas (9:12:34 PM): Oh yeah?
bluenovas (9:12:42 PM): Tupac grew up without a father and crackhead mother
schylige (9:12:57 PM): Mother died when he was 2
bluenovas (9:13:00 PM): In and out of jail from his early teens
schylige (9:13:00 PM): Dad left him
bluenovas (9:13:07 PM): Had to sell crack just to survive.
schylige (9:13:17 PM): Dad made his mom into a robot, made his son do shit, killed his friend with no sympathy
schylige (9:13:21 PM): '
bluenovas (9:13:30 PM): A robot?
bluenovas (9:13:34 PM): That sounds made up
schylige (9:13:52 PM): Does it now?
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Shinji > Tupac
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