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 How clan Tournaments work

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PostSubject: How clan Tournaments work   Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:54 am

Well, I'm predicting alot of people will be confused with how the tournament will work and function. There will definitely be 2 groups. Group A and Group B. Groups are just to balance out the competition. There will be 5 rounds and in those 5 rounds, clans will battle and submit results in.

How to submit results:

Simple, use a system like this: E.G

1234 beat 4321 3 - 1

Ghost beat Grim 4-0

Benny lost to Jimmy 0-6

Shehan beat Matthew 3-0

GG 4321.

^^^ That was an example and thats how you submit wins in. NOTE: Only winner AND leader can post up the results.

Battles will continue till 5 rounds have finished. If any un-even results have been submited, another "special" round will start.

This is just a tournament (Non-elimination). Because most elimination tournaments don't work.. This is only also to function the clans properly and see how the clans go.

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How clan Tournaments work
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