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PostSubject: Nubby's Gen 1 team   Nubby's Gen 1 team EmptyTue Feb 22, 2011 6:16 am

Yes this is an old post, I'm just adding it to add tot he fourms. Pics and Color when I'm not lazy.

Recently i got my hands on an old red version, with my GBA in hand i began, playing. I realized, that I had never competitively played R/B/Y, and really wanted a competitive team :O . So I decided to do my research on the metagame of the cartridge, and get team building. Obviously I don't have any cheats at my disposal, besides MissingNo, which Im hesitant to use, so before I spend the better part of the next few weeks, constructing a team, I want additional input. If you aren't to knowledgeable about the R/B/Y metagame, please don't comment with suggestions that don't work. there are very different mechanics in R/B/Y and it's important to at least have a grasp on them before commenting. I'm severaly limited, by not being able to have to many of oneTm such as the ever popular body slam and T-wave



~Thunder Wave
~Seismic Toss

Standard Alakazam is a great poke to have on any team, with it's amazingly high special (the highest non uber) and base 120 speed, making for a superb critical hit rate, about 20% of the time, Alakazam comes out as a top tier poke. He's my answer to Gengar and executor, in the event that they have already slept a poke. And seismic toss makes him capable of out stalling Starmie, one on one. his main problem is Chansey, who can be beaten with luck, but may force a switch on my part. Snorlax can also cause problems, able to take hits decently, and hit back on the physical side. Since he may be paralyzed a lot normal types such as Tauros and Persian can hit really hard with slash, hyper beam, and other options. Also sadly he is walled somewhat by Slowbro, although the bulky water can't really hurt him to much in return. So now I have a key player for my team, and I need stuff to work synergy with him so, I brought in my next team member….


~Body Slam
~Rock Slide

Ahhh Golem vs Rhydon the age old question. Which should I go with? In this case i chose Golem for a few reasons. 1. I don't have loads of good TMs lying around, and by learning Explosion and EQ on his own, he automatically had a major advantage over Ryhdon. 2.he's somewhat faster, 3. he has slightly less power, but slightly more bulk. He basically just walls normals (except Chansey) , who give Alakazam trouble. he hits hard, and can be very helpful in dealing with Chansey and Snorlax, who are Alakazam's biggest threats, I just have to make sure I don't bring him in on an ice beam, and make sure the Snorlax isn't packing surf. I say it is of the upmost importance that all R/B/Y teams have at least one normal resistance, and this is it. Body Slam, Earthquake and rock silde are my main options but when in a pinch he reveals his trump card in my opinion over Rhydon… EXPLOSION! Not much can take a golem explosion. He's countered mostly by the water ice and grass pokes of OU, since his miserable base 60ish special is just not up to task in many cases, still he's an invaluable member of the team keeping Tauros from having free rein. I just have to watch out for Blizzard, since it's a 2hit kill.


~Body Slam
~Confuse Ray

Lapras is kind of "glue" for this team, with his above average defenses, and an Ice attack, rivaling Alakazam's Psychic, and the ability to hold it's own against Chansey it fit into the team pretty well, I'm reluctant to use Starmie, over Lapras for a few reasons, 1. I like lapras more Smile 2. it packs some stronger ice moves with stab on that. And it trades Starmie's speed for a lot more bulk. granted I can't use recover, like the little star can, but ill take a base 130 hp over that, and having higher ice-type power allows me to 2- hit kill executor, who I still out speed. lapras basically functions as a powerful special hitter, wit decent bulk, and a touch of Para-fusion if possible, he can potentially freeze, and then paralyze whole teams, making it much easier for other team members to do as they please. Lapras really isn't walled by to to much outside of the general bulk of Chansey, but I have to watch out for fast electrics, namely Zapdos, who golem handles beautifully.


~Drill Peck
~Thunder Wave
~ Mimic

EXEGUTTOR, I was horribly weak to it, without Zapdos, drill peck will always 2-hit ko, and he can take special attacks really well, with his massive base 125 special, It's mainly used for executor countering on this team, but can generally do well against other water types that infest the tier, most notably countering Slowbro, who was a rather large problem, until i added this beefed-up bird. If I keep zaps hidden for most of the game, it can do a fine job of cleaning up the mess late game, after most pokes, are injured and/or paralyzed. It has no problems with chantey, since drill peck can do hefty chunks of damage. all around Zapdos is a key poke, for keeping this team together, If I predict. Mimic can be especially useful for piking up possibly recover, and things like blizzard and ice beam. Zapdos is stopped by golem, and Rhydon, both very, very common in R/B/ Y, so the rest of the team should work synergy and help Zapdos out.


~Sleep powder
~Mega Drain

I needed a solid lead, and who better than Exeggutor, adding a total stop to Gengar, and another Exploder! Exeggutor, starts off the team, with a sleep powder, and explosion, making him capable of incapacitating two Pokes, per match. Mega drain, and psychic does tons and tons, and with grass and psychic typing, Exeggutor is really only afraid of ice moves, and can hit very very hard in return! His main downfall is lead Jynx, which is actually very common in OU, but with only 95 special Jynx can't do to much in return, and I can always switch into Lapras, or maybe Alakazam to handle the ice moves, and Lapras to take sleep. I can explode to take out Chansey which is always a major plus. the only things that can really counter Exeguttor, are Starmie, and Lapras when Exeggutor takes blizzard on on the switch. Zapdos is a pretty hard stop, but I may be able to explode or sleep on it on the switch. It owns Rhydon and golem, and stops Gengar as well as anything can. All in all, he's a great lead, and a solid player.


~hyper Beam
~Double Edge/strength

Sadly I don't have a Technical Machine for body slam, since I already used it on Golem. So I have to substitute his main stab attack, for something else. Double Edge, though a bit gimmicky actually does have more base power, but it does 1/4 the damage I do as recoil. strength is only 5 power less than body slam, but doesn't have the handy paralysis chance. I'm leaning towards double-edge at the moment, but input would be highly appreciated. Earthquake is mostly so that I'm not stopped by genera, and really has nothing going for it besides that, blizzard is Mainly there for golem, and Rhydon, because with his decent special, it's a 2-hit kill. Hyper beam is very self explanatory. I try to save Tauros for late game, and pull off a sweep, hoping that the other players Pokemon are paralyzed,and Unable to stop him. He cleans up for the team, and I can also use him to appose Chansey if Golem seems like a bad option (which it is a lot of the time) . A wise man once said all teams crave Tauros, and I find this to be very, very true.

Conclusion~ So that's it People please give me rates (at least one please) and let me know ways of improvement. And please don't post unless you know what your talking about! thanks

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PostSubject: Re: Nubby's Gen 1 team   Nubby's Gen 1 team EmptyTue Feb 22, 2011 10:14 am

gen 1<3
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Nubby's Gen 1 team
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