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 Gym Leader #5 - Fighting

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PostSubject: Gym Leader #5 - Fighting    Sat Jun 18, 2011 12:00 pm

Rules and Clauses:

  • Challengers are not allowed to use Pokemon considered to be Uber*

  • Challengers may not use unreleased Dream World abilities.

  • Two or more Pokémon on a team cannot be asleep at the same time. Self-induce sleep via rest does not activate Sleep Clause.

  • Moves that boost evasion (i.e. Double Team and Minimize) are not allowed.

  • Two or more of the same Pokémon may not be used on the same team.

  • One-Hit KO moves are not allowed.

  • Challengers are only allowed to bring a max of two counters per Gym. Refers to a Pokemon's Type, not their moves (Only two Psychic/Flying types allowed, ie. one Psychic, and one Flying, or two Psychics.)


Monday-Thursday - 3pm-11 pm
Friday-Saturday - 3pm- 3 am
Sunday - Closed

(*) Uber is defined by Smogon's Banlist


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Gym Leader #5 - Fighting
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