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 Reasons why I don't watch/like Bleach.

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Reasons why I don't watch/like Bleach. Empty
PostSubject: Reasons why I don't watch/like Bleach.   Reasons why I don't watch/like Bleach. EmptyWed Aug 24, 2011 7:46 pm

God this show sucks.
Reasons why I don't watch/like Bleach. Detergent1

Bleach is an anime series, with over two hundred episodes and counting, with a name that makes no sense. Hordes of angry waps like to argue about the name and draw cartoons of the fourteen-year-old orange-haired girl with giant tits. It is the epitome of self-aggrandizing, mastubatory power-fantasy material, beating the "epic" Naruto due to the fact that 13 year olds would rather identify with an adolescent boy than some faggot ninja. Bleach follows a simple but effective 'expanding fetish-focus' formula for luring in the asinine punters, to be found in an increasing amount of animu and mango. Want to make a shit ton of cash? Base the entire series around a sequence of non-fatal one-on-one fights and follow these rules:


Begin your shitty series with a protagonist utterly devoid of personality or interesting visual features in a comparatively interesting fantasy setting. He must be male, homophobic, NEVER brown, and between the ages of 13 and 18. Got a good idea for your guy? Fucking scrap it. Your protagonist must be a 'catch-all,' uninteresting enough to allow the average teenage dolt to place himself in his shoes. Don't let him talk too much or express insight: anything that you might deem interesting will alienate or intellectually challenge members of your solid fan base. Stock emotional responses and the blandest 'special power' ('energy blasts', for example) you can think of should ensure that gormless youths can imprint themselves onto your faceless puppet. Do not develop him and ensure his only motivation is 'protecting his friends' or 'being the strongest.' After all, who the fuck can't identify with that? Don't forget to make him immortal, like other animes do! Who wants to see someone die every chapter?


Introduce a supporting cast of stock characters. Each one consists of ONE stock archetype OR has ONE noticeable personality trait or ability. As your fan-base grows it will begin to include individuals who find it difficult to identify with your protagonist. This could even include more intellectual types who demand character depth, but it probably just involves insipid 'anti-conformists' who react against the stock fan base. They now have a moderately more advanced character to fantasize about being - your fetish net has expanded. These supporting characters cannot develop and any change must be an absolutely predictable one so as to ensure that your fans are unsatisfied but not disappointed. However, make sure they get into relationships, so Rule 34 is canon.


Feel free to repeat this step as many times as you can. Every time you do this your series' longevity is increased. These next set of characters can have TWO distinct features while conforming to stock character archetypes. The comparative depth will allow for an even greater fanbase - now you are now bound to have a character for every teenager to fantasize over. Introduce these characters as villains, give each one an emotional death scene at the hands of the protagonist/ supporting cast and then, right when the fans are suckered in, resurrect them, reverse their motivations and have them join the supporting cast. From this point on do not advance them in anything but the most predictable way.

Fucking deep.


Now anyone of intellectual deficiency has at least one character they can pretend to be and the vast majority will have two or three. Now it's time to develop the protagonist in a way that will give the core fans, the dolts who were suckered in from the beginning, a screaming orgasm. Note that some will be alienated, but now you have around 50 shitty characters for them to re-align with so it doesn't matter. The 'twist' isn't actually a surprise at all, just give your character an ability that revolves around the following: darkness, evil, spikes, death, the color red, the color black. Feel free to give your protagonist his first facial expression, the kids will fucking love it.


Get 'er done.

No joke, Bleach's shitbag of an author actually has a secret obsession to get nailed in the ass by a drunken redneck in the deep south. Specifically, by Larry the Cable Guy and Robert E. Lee at the same time. Bleach has developed a habit of making the strongest fucking characters have fucking mullets... obviously not trolling, but just for the lulz. Next thing you'll see, they'll be driving a pick-up truck with Ichigo having a wincest-pedo-threesome with his two kid sisters. Fucking great.

Congratulations, you anti-intellectual cunt, you have lowered the artistic expectations of an entire generation and have a house made out of paper-mache'd cash.

Feel free to read the rest of this article if you haven't got the gist of this yet, but I wouldn't bother if I were you. The only badass thing that happens is that Ichigo dies!

...Yeah it isn't that too interesting either, seeing how he godmods.


...Well, there really isn't one. Rather, the "story" of Bleach is just an endless stream of fights with no point, strung together, with the enemies getting gayer looking with each successive fight to trick you into thinking the story is going somewhere. It's worth noting that less than half of the battles even feature Ichigo or his band of queers. The rest are just about stereotypical-looking retards who no one gives a shit about and who have names that are too fucking long.

The battles themselves are much like the ones in Dragonball Z except a thousand times lamer. Some random character will be running along and some other random dumbass will appear in their path for no reason. It'll then cut to a flashback showing the two of them when they were friends 9,000 years ago. Back in the present, they'll spend about twenty minutes talking on and on and on about how they're gonna kick some of dat ass before sending their swords into god mode, which transforms said swords into mile-long turds or something. For the next 7 episodes they'll wave their swords around before one of them will reveal that they're ONLY USING TWO PERCENT OF THEIR POWER!!!!!!11!!%. The other will scream at them to stop holding back and they'll continue fighting for 20 more episodes before one of them will sustain a cut to the shoulder and die, only to be shown being revived in the next episode. Somehow, despite being death gods who wield magic swords that turn into demons or some other fucking retarded thing, nobody ever manages to get hit anywhere other than the shoulder.

The First of Many, Many Arcs---------------------------------------------------------

Ichigo Kurosaki is a 15 year old boy who can see dead people. Meanwhile, Rukia the Soul Reaper has been dead for 150 years. The two meet when Ichigo is about to get raped by a Hollow, and Rukia tries to give him some of her powers. But as she is the rare Asian that can't do math, she divided by zero and Ichigo accidentally all Rukia's Soul Reaper powers and goes all Super Saiyan on the viewing audience. Some believe the size of his hueg sword means he's over-compensating for something. One can only wonder what.

The show sets up pretty early that Ichigo craves the cock, because he not only has Rukia sleeping in his closet every night and Orihime the walking chestcicle willing to suck his tiny azn dick (that's right even though he has orange hair he's azn), and not once does he try tapping any of dat ass.

Soul Society Arc

Soul Society decides to ban Rukia from IRL forever for her shameful math skillz. Ichigo, always in search of a good fight like your typical shounen hero rushes off to save her, along with all his other BFF. From this point forwards, you'll need a score to keep track of the many characters that join the cast that includes batshit captains, flaming fairies that make Chris Crocker look butch and the only known example of anonymous turning furry.

Rukia, who was the stereotypical batshit fighting chick whenever a guy peeks at her panties becomes a complete and total emo. We eventually learn she feels troll's remorse for killing her BFF married lover after he became an Hollow and she was almost raped. BAWWWWWWWWW, how sad for her. This is about the only thing worth remembering from that.

Eventually, we discover no one gave a shit about Ichigo or Rukia, but that this was all an elaborate ruse for Aizen's Superman's evil deed to use ZA WARUDO. Instead of getting an epic battle...Ichigo goes home after Rukia is saved. Lame.

Bount Arc

...was lame ass filler that no one gave a shit about. Not even the fans. Shocking, amirite?

...It's probably the best arc though, 'cause Kubo didn't write it.

Hueco Mundo

Aizen is almost ready to unleash ZA WARUDO, but needs Orihime's powers of the moon to do it. He creates a bunch of Hollow/Shinigami assbabies called Arrancar/Espada who live in a giant mosque named Las Noches because the author needs to up the battle count for this show. And because more characters = more story = more money. And instead of having to sit through Ichigo and company's fights, you'll get to see every captain, leuitenant and his uncle battle, too. Or rather talk for the first twenty minutes of every episode (without commericals, the show is twenty-three minutes long. Think about it)(and be horrified. UTTERLY).

Orihime becomes even moar useless throughout this arc, the only words she's able to say coherently being "KUROSAK-KUN! KUROSAKI-KUN! KUROSAK-KUN! KUROSAKI-KUN!KUROSAK-KUN! KUROSAKI-KUN!" over and over again. Even the biggest fans want to stick a gag to get her to STFU.

The only memorable character from this arc is CHARLOTTE COOLHORN, a sparkly twink tranny that will give you nightmares upon looking at his face. Awkwardly enough, he was the only funny character.

After that arc Kubo also killed off the "deep", blind, tar baby, by having him turn into a penis and then a cricket before griefing the furry captain and getting cut in half. Kubo also made the only other Golliwog person in the anime have the ability to turn into a pumpkin.

Oh yeah, the only useful thing that happened in this arc was that someone had the balls to acutally kill Ichigo. That same character apperently ate someone's hand off screen, kidnapped Orihime, and was badass all together UNTIL HE HAD TO DIE AN EMO DEATH.

Jesus Christ, Japan.

The Next Arcs

Since we just finished a hugeass arc, we gonna give something else to shove down our fan's throats! And guess what that means?

WE'RE GONNA HAVE TWO MORE ARCS OF THIS SHIT, AND NO ONE'S GIVING A DAMN! Yes sir, we're gonna have everything a regular manga has, but WITH FUCKING PSYCHICS, ICHIGO GETTING HIS POWERS BACK, AND MORE SHIT YOU'LL EVER NEED. And guess what again? The characters got new looks! And by new looks, I mean HAIRSTYLES. We even got rid of Orihime's hair thingies because she got emotionally scarred despite the fact she said she would never take them off! Uyru looks twice as gay, and Ichigo doesn't look even the slightest bit different! We also have a new lolicon, too! As well, while we're doing that, we're gonna show how the villains from the previous arc are doing in hell!

Is this gonna be fucking awesome!?


Characters ------------------------------------------------------

Too many to list. Most Annie Mays are infamous for having at least 100 characters with various degrees of emo background. Bleach takes that concept and ramps it up to eleven, as the most recent opening (complete with fanservice and bad J-Pop music) shows.

Suffice it to say that many of the main characters (including Ichigo) get shuffled to the side in place of many tertiary characters and about ten million or so other villains that have popped up through the series and comic relief characters EVERYONE CARES ABOUT. By everyone, I mean nobody.

The Gay Factor --------------------------------------------------

If any anime can give Naruto a run for it's money in the faggotry department, it's this show. You often don't have to shoop pictures to show how most of the characters would rather suck off cocks than eat pussy (except Chizuru).

Ratings ---------------------------------------------------------

-Action: 0 for ripping off Dragon Ball Z, and the fact that Ichigo has no fucking clue when to STFU and fight already. He and every other character on the show will go on and on and on and on about shit no one asked about instead of just kicking ass and being done with it.

-Lulz: 0 Due to ultra-gayness.

-Furry Level: 10/10 for former Anon Komamura and Grimmjaw turning furry.

-Gay Level: OVER 9000! At least 100 of those points are due to Renji's sexual confusion, but other factors include but are not limited to: Shuuhei's gay 69 tattoo, Ichigo's large sword covering up for his small Azn penis, Chizuru the dyke, Byakuya's sword producing FUCKING PANSIES for bankai, everyone having an emo past, and Ichigo having Rukia living in his closet and not once does his think about tapping that ass. AND CHARLOTTE COOLHORN. Not even Matsumoto and Orihime's giant tits can counteract the epic levels of gay in this show.

-Merchandising: ONE MILLION. The show has about 42 shitty opening and ending songs and each character has over 9,000 images songs (9,000 times 9, do the math).They all sound pretty much like every other Japanese-y J-Pop song ever, not to mention three movies that continue where the filler arcs leave off to assrape the manga even moar.

In Conclusion--------------------------------

TL;DR: Bleach is the equivalent of Twilight but for weeaboos.

Reasons why I don't watch/like Bleach. Ciexlyn
Reasons why I don't watch/like Bleach. Pokerupt
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Reasons why I don't watch/like Bleach.
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