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 Dream World ability inheritance

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PostSubject: Dream World ability inheritance   Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:39 pm

Just a quick question. I want a Jalorda (final form Grass starter Generation V) with the Dream World ability Antagonist (/Perversion). The idea was for the Leaf Storm boost which would give it +2 Special Attack every time it attacks.

However, I've also noticed that Jalorda can learn Glare as an inherited egg move from the snakes and the pointless (Ekans & Arbok & Seviper, and Dunsparce respectively).

So, I was wondering if there were any way for a baby Tsutarja to inherit it's Mother's Dream World ability? Alternatively, is there any way for a Dream World Tsutarja to somehow gain an egg move?

Thanks in advance.
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Dream World ability inheritance
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